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Do you plan to start accepting card payments online or through a credit card reader? Then, you’ll need a merchant account and a reliable merchant service provider.

At eMerchant Authority, we offer seamless and secure merchant account solutions. Thanks to our reliable merchant processing solutions, you can now offer your customers the convenience of multiple payment options.

We Work With: Merchant Payment Options


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Rates as low as 1%

*Rates quoted as the % above normal card interchange
costs, dues, fees, and assessments.


As a business owner, you need to prioritize offering your customers flexible and convenient payment options. With an internet merchant account, you can start accepting credit card payments, which means tapping into a larger customer pool.

The good news, getting a merchant account from eMerchant Authority does more than give your customers the option of paying by card. With our merchant processing solutions, you’ll also enjoy:

A more secure and seamless way of processing payments – Having eMerchant Authority as your merchant service processing provider means you can store, process, and transmit your customers’ sensitive data securely. We help you stay PCI-compliant, which further helps prevent credit card fraud and data breaches.

Personalized merchant solutions – Whether you’re looking for a smart merchant account or a high-risk internet merchant account, we have a solution for you. Our customized solutions allow you to provide a variety of payment options to your customers, and they’re also tailored for the unique needs of the different businesses

Efficient management of your business finances – Our merchant account solutions integrate with different POs terminals. They also have additional features such as support for online and mobile payments and transfers. This means you’ll have a single payment solution that can serve multiple revenue channels and give you access to consolidated revenue data from a single platform.

Competitive pricing – In this age of increasing costs, you need to choose a merchant account provider with affordable pricing. At eMerchant Authority, our solutions come with multiple features that offer value for money. Our transparent pricing plans have no surprise transaction or subscription costs or costly long-term contracts.

Peace of mind – When you partner with eMerchant Authority you’ll enjoy peace of mind as we take care of your credit card transaction needs, leaving you ample time to concentrate on other areas of your business. Our 24/7 support is made up of experienced specialists in the merchant services industry who are ready to offer dependable help at no extra cost.

Trusted by over 5,000 Merchants

Reliable Processing

Easily accept payments for your goods, or service, with credit and debit card transactions.

Backup Processing

We provide back up processing to make sure you are covered in case anything happens to your business.

Low Reserves

We understand your business supports your family, so we make sure to have competively low reserve limits.

Trusted merchant service provider

Easy Integration

Our processing easily integrates with your ecommerce, POS, and mobile payment platforms.

Quick Payment

With the quickest payment times in the industry, we pride ourselves on making sure our clients get thier money.

We  Pre-Approve  Merchant  Accounts

Find the best high risk merchant account provider by knowing what to look for. Whether your ecommerce store is selling CBD oil, Adult Items, or Credit Repair services, your merchant account should custom fit your business’s needs. Through eMerchant Authority you’ll get access to our high risk payment gateway and direct network of 20+ banks and PSP’s.
Check Your High Risk Industry
CBD Merchant Processing

At eMerchant Authority we know the struggle CBD merchants have to go through to get their merchant accounts approved. This is why we do our best to make it easier and affordable for you to get a high-risk merchant account for your CBD business.

Web Design SEO Credit Card Processing

If your business offers SEO services, you may be struggling to find a reliable merchant account provider. For years, eMerchant Authority has been a trusted merchant account services provider for high-risk businesses such as SEO.
Further, our SEO-customized merchant account solutions come with fraud and chargeback prevention features. You’ll also be happy to know that opening an SEO high-risk merchant account with us is hassle-free.

Travel Merchant Account

Despite the travel industry is a multibillion-dollar industry, it’s considered high risk by payment processors.

Unfortunately, what this means is that it’s harder to get a travel merchant account approved by most banks and merchant account providers. This also means that without an internet merchant account your travel agency can’t accept credit cards and other electronic forms of payments.

Fortunately, at eMerchant Authority, we have personalized merchant accounts that are tailored for travel agencies. With us, you won’t have to worry about your merchant account being rejected or the high processing costs that come with most high-risk merchant accounts.

Skin & Hair Care Credit Card Processing

If you run a skin and hair care business, you’ll agree with us that it is difficult to find a payment processor willing to bet on your business. Most acquiring banks categorize this industry as high risk due to the high chargeback rates.

eMerchant Authority is a recognized merchant services provider among businesses in the skin and hair care industry. If you’re looking for a skin and hair care merchant account, you can trust us to get you an account that is not only tailored to your needs but also one that will take your business to the next level of corporate growth.

Pay-day Loans Merchant Account

If you have an online lending business and don’t have a merchant account, it’s about time you did.

With the help of a qualified high-risk merchant account provider like eMerchant Authority, you can now give your customers the chance to make their repayments electronically. We specialize in providing merchant account solutions to all types of businesses in the debt repayment industry.

With our years of experience and advanced credit card processing equipment and software, you can trust us to provide you with a solution that will help your business securely process online payments.

Online Gaming Credit Card Processing

Thanks to the growth of the online casino and gaming industry, people no longer have to visit Las Vegas to enjoy some gaming.

Despite this industry is very profitable, most traditional banks are hesitant to offer online casinos internet merchant account solutions because of the high rates of credit card fraud and chargebacks, numerous rules and regulations, and unclear laws.

Fortunately, you have options if you’re looking for a merchant account provider for your online casino business. At eMerchant Authority, we can help get your casino merchant account approved with no hassle or additional fees. We are also known for our innovative chargeback protection tools that help lower the risk of fraud and chargebacks for your online casino business.

Nutraceutical Credit Card Merchant Account

Although dietary supplement is a thriving industry, it’s unregulated, which makes it to be termed as high risk by payment processors and merchant services providers.

If you run a nutraceutical business and want to start accepting credit card payments, you can do so with the help of eMerchant Authority.

At eMerchant Authority, we don’t decline dietary supplement merchant account applications simply because of the nature of the business. Our approval rates are high as we offer a unique solution tailored to the unique merchant account needs of the nutraceutical businesses.

MLM Credit Card Processing

Are you finding it virtually impossible to obtain a merchant account for your MLM business? MLM businesses are characterized by high chargebacks and legal risks, which is why they require specialized merchant accounts that are tailored to their needs.

At eMerchant Authority, we offer reliable and low-cost high-risk merchant accounts for merchants in the network marketing industry. Talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable accounts managers today to get a credit card processing solution that will help propel your MLM business to the next level of growth.

Membership Club Payment Processing

Since 2016, eMerchant Authority has been unmatched when it comes to providing credit card processing solutions for businesses that are categorized as high risk. Our online shopping and membership club merchant accounts are tailored to accept the high risks associated with this line of business.

Further, partnering with eMerchant Authority takes the hassle out of the merchant account application process as we understand the unique needs of the online shopping and membership club industry.

Talk to us today and let us find you an internet merchant account solution that is tailored to your online shopping and membership club business.

Male Enhancement Credit Card Processing

If you run a legitimate male enhancement business, you’ll be glad to know that eMerchant Authority is willing to offer a customized merchant account for your business.

We understand the ins and outs of the male enhancement business and our solutions are tailored for the unique needs of this industry. We get your internet merchant account approved in no time at no extra cost.

Talk to us today and let us set you up with a credit card processing solution that will enable you to make more money.

High Ticket Coaching Merchant Account

Accepting credit cards is not easy for most high ticket coaching businesses due to the high merchant account application rejection rates. Many payment processors are unwilling to bet on high ticket coaching companies due to numerous chargeback fees and rates associated with this business.

If you’re in the high ticket coaching industry, the best merchant account solution for your needs is a high-risk merchant account. eMerchant Authority works with high-risk merchants like you. We are experts in the payment processing industry and our qualified account managers will help alleviate the worry that comes with high-risk merchant account applications. Talk to us today and get a merchant service solution that is customized for your high-ticket coaching business.

Health and Beauty Merchant Account

Businesses that sell health and beauty products use high-risk merchant accounts to process their credit card and electronic payments.

At eMerchant Authority, we specialize in health and beauty merchant accounts. Once you get a health and beauty merchant account from us, you’ll enjoy fast approvals, multiple payment options, fraud and chargeback mitigation solutions, an extensive bank network, and a secure PCI-DSS payment gateway.

Gentleman's Strip Club Credit Card Processing

At eMerchant Authority, we know just how difficult it is for gentleman’s club businesses to get merchant account services from traditional payment providers.

Fortunately, at eMerchant Authority, we choose to take a different approach as we offer merchant account solutions to high-risk businesses like yours. We have a reputation in the adult industry as a dependable merchant account provider. Our application process is straightforward and our rates are transparent and reasonable. Apply for an adult merchant account now or send us a message to get started with us today.

Firearms Credit Card Processing

When you run a firearm business it can be difficult to get your merchant account approved by most banks. Unfortunately, without a merchant account, it becomes impossible for your business to accept credit cards and other electronic payments.

But did you know there is an easier way of obtaining a merchant account for your firearm business? You can choose to partner with an experienced high-risk merchant account provider like eMerchant Authority.

At eMerchant Authority, we offer merchant account solutions for businesses that have trouble getting their merchant account approval elsewhere. Contact us today and let’s put a stop to your search for a merchant account solution.

Fantasy Sports Credit Card Processing

Fantasy sports is no longer a trend but a multimillion-dollar industry. Unfortunately, this industry is deemed as high risk by conventional banks and payment processors.

Fortunately, it’s now possible to register an online fantasy sports merchant account with a provider like eMerchant Authority. At eMerchant Authority, we provide high-risk merchant account solutions to fantasy sports companies. Other benefits that you’ll enjoy with this account include a lower transaction fee, unparalleled customer support, and a customized package solution meant for the unique needs of your business.

e-cigarette Merchant Account

Most payment processors consider e-cigarette merchant accounts as high risk due to the high number of disputes from clients who aren’t satisfied with the services offered.

The good news is that now thanks to eMerchant Authority, your online vape business can start accepting credit card transactions with the help of our reliable and secure e-cigarette merchant account.

Document Preparation Merchant Account

Accepting credit cards and other electronic payments makes your law firm more convenient and dependable for your customers. Besides, it also increases sales and improves the reputation of your firm among your customers.

At eMerchant Authority, we have merchant accounts that are tailored for the unique billing needs of our law firm clients. Our transaction fee is the lowest in the industry and we offer 24/7 support to ensure you enjoy peace of mind as you make more money.

Debt Collections MErchant Processing

A merchant account makes it easy for your credit card customers to pay you.

But what happens if your merchant account application keeps getting rejected? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for debt collection businesses.

At eMerchant Authority, we provide merchant solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of debt collection firms. Our rates are very competitive and we also help keep chargebacks at a minimum with our credit card fraud prevention tools.

Dating Merchant Services

Scammers, fraudsters, and high chargeback fees are some of the reasons why dating sites have a hard time finding a reliable payment processor.

However, although online dating businesses are considered high risk, it doesn’t mean your business has to suffer. At eMerchant Authority, we have multiple merchant account solutions for dating sites. We have fast approval rates and our solutions also come with anti-chargeback features to help keep customers’ disputes to a minimum.

Credit Monitoring Merchant Services

eMerchant Authority provides reliable, affordable, and secure merchant services that help credit monitoring businesses thrive. We are one of the industry’s leading high-risk account merchant service providers and our payment processing managers have years of experience setting up credit monitoring merchant accounts.

We will be happy to hear what you’re looking for and hopefully, we can offer you a merchant solution that fits the unique needs of your credit monitoring business.

Continuity Billing Merchant Services

Do you run a subscription model type of business? If you do, then you need a secure and reliable merchant account for electronic payment processing. Continuity billing merchant accounts are classified as high risk, meaning you need a high-risk credit card processor that understands the needs of your business.

eMerchant Authority is a trustworthy and experienced merchant processor in the high-risk field. Our continuity billing merchant accounts are safe and secure. Talk to us and get the merchant account processing solution that you need for your business.

Coins and Collectables Merchant Account

Are you a coin and collectibles merchant looking for a secure way to accept credit card or electronic payments from your customers?

Look no further.

At eMerchant Authority, we offer high-risk accounts that allow your coins and collectibles business to accept and process credit card and e-check payments securely and efficiently. Use our expertise today and get a payment processing solution that is meant to help grow your business.

Business Opportunity Merchant Account

To ensure the growth of your business opportunities company, you’ll need a reliable credit card processing solution.

At eMerchant Authority, we care about making your business profitable. We have experience working with business opportunities merchant accounts and we have partnered with several reliable banks and credit card companies to ensure you have a smooth experience when it comes to credit card processing.

Business Consulting Merchant Account

Business consulting companies are classified as high risk by acquiring banks due to the high number of transactions. What this means is that most merchant service providers are reluctant to underwrite businesses in this industry.

If you have a business consulting firm, what you need to process electronic payments is a high-risk merchant account from a payment processor with experience in this line of business.

Luckily, at eMerchant Authority, we work with high-risk businesses like yours. Our business consulting merchant accounts are easy to set up and secure when it comes to accepting and processing online payments.

Bad Credit Merchant Account

Credit cards provide security and convenience to your customers. If a large number of your bad credit business customers prefer to pay through debit and credit cards, it’s about time you signed up for an internet merchant account.
At eMerchant Authority we have affordable bad credit high-risk merchant accounts that will improve the efficiency of your business.

Auto Warranty Merchant Processing

You should know that traditional merchant service providers won’t offer you a merchant account just because you run a legitimate auto warranty business. Many credit card processors will often decline merchant account applications from high-risk industries such as auto warranty.

At eMerchant Authority, we know that such a situation is detrimental to the growth of your e-commerce business. This is why we offer exceptional merchant services to those in the field of the auto warranty. We are experienced in this field, and it makes us the perfect merchant services partners for your auto warranty business.

Airline Booking Merchant Account

The airline booking industry is often classified as high risk by merchant account providers since customers can quickly redeem their reservations and ask for refunds. This often makes it difficult for airline travel agencies to get merchant accounts from most credit card processors.

Well, not us!

At eMerchant Authority, we help airline booking businesses get reliable merchant account solutions. In addition to providing you with a merchant account, we get it approved quickly. Also, we offer affordable rates and additional features with this account, which ensures you continue to securely accept electronic payments from your customers.

Subscription Box Merchant Account

At eMerchant Authority, we have complete and persistent respect for all forms of businesses, including those in the subscription boxes field. We are your company’s best friend when it comes to merchant account solutions.

Check out our wide range of flexible card processing solutions that are tailored for your subscription box business or just business based on selling merchandise.

Credit Repair Merchant Account

At eMerchant Authority, we understand the unique electronic payment processing needs of the credit repair industry.

Due to our long proven experience, we are experts in providing credit repair merchant accounts. Talk to us so that we can start setting up your credit repair merchant account today.

Pawn Shop Merchant Account

Pawn shop operators often struggle to find reliable and affordable merchant account solutions. Most traditional banks avoid working with pawn businesses due to high rates of fraud and chargebacks.

This is where eMerchant Authority comes in!

We are a seasoned payment provider that offers solutions that allow your pawn shop to accept credit cards and other online forms of payment. Talk to us today and get a taste of our reliable and affordable merchant processing solutions.

Adult Merchant
We offer a range of adult merchant accounts solution for many types of businesses. From adult toys to membership sites, we are your go-to adult merchant account.
High Risk Merchant Account Approved

Same Day Approvals

We understand that sometimes as a business owner you need a merchant account as soon as possible. This is why eMerchant offers same-day approval for low-risk merchant accounts. To qualify for same-day merchant account approval, ensure all the needed documents are in order.

Notably, when it comes to merchant account processing for high-risk accounts, the approval may take longer. But you don’t have to worry as eMerchant Authority has a team of experts that works to approve your high-risk account application in five to ten business days.

High Risk Payment Processor

Are you wondering where to find a reliable merchant service provider for your high-risk business? You need not worry anymore as at eMerchant Authority we offer merchant services to all businesses including those in the high-risk category.

We have partnered with notable merchant acquiring banks that are willing to accept the liability that comes with high-risk accounts. We also use chargeback and fraud prevention tools and a secure virtual terminal to ensure the processing of your customers’ debit and credit card online transactions is safe.

High Risk Payment Processor
High Chargeback Rate Merchant Account

High Chargeback rate, no problem.

One of the reasons why some businesses are labeled as high risk is because they carry a higher risk of chargebacks.

As a merchant account provider specializing in high-risk accounts, we have specialized tools that help reduce chargebacks. Our high-risk merchant accounts are also tailored to the unique needs of your high-risk business.


With the help of eMerchant Authority, you can now start accepting debit and credit cards plus other forms of online payments.

We are a registered ISO (independent sales organization) and in addition to providing you with multiple merchant account solutions, we also help manage your merchant account activities. We have also partnered with various payment vendors and credit card companies which allow our merchant accounts to accept:

Besides, our merchant accounts solutions are compatible with notable e-commerce platforms and leading shopping cart platforms such as the following.

Shopping Platforms

Advantages of using eMerchant Authority for your Merchant Account:

bullet point One stop shop for a retail merchant account, Account Services and POS Hardware.
bullet point Dedicated Account Manager
bullet point Lowest “swiped” or “Card Present” rates in the industry
bullet point Terminal Loaner Program if device ever fails
bullet point Free Terminal Program

Merchant Accounts

Save money using cash discount & surcharging programs.

One of the biggest expenses every business that accepts credit cards has to deal with is credit card processing fees.

You can now save on credit card processing costs by using a cash discount or surging program with your merchant account. With the eMerchant Authority cash discount and surcharging program, you can offer an incentive to your customers so that they pay in cash. This way, your customers can save money while you also avoid paying hefty credit card processing costs.

Want to set up a cash discount and surcharging merchant processing account? The application process is very easy and the account comes with no hidden or extra costs.

Cash Discount

What is a cash discount? A cash discount is a great way for you and your customers to save money. When you list your prices, only state the credit card price, then offer a discount to people who pay with cash.

Merchant Account Surcharging Programs

Surcharging Fees

What are surcharging fees? If your business posts “cash only” prices, then the surcharging fee is placed on orders that are paid for by credit card.


eMerchant Authority prides itself in being a leader when it comes to the provision of merchant account solutions. We provide merchant account services for both low and high-risk businesses.
Our services are secure and reliable.

Besides, we understand just how financially difficult it is to become a business owner. This is why when you partner with us you also enjoy transparent pricing with no long-term contracts or hidden fees.
Whether you’re a startup or an established business, you can count on us to provide you with a perfect merchant service solution with the latest hardware and software tools such as Clover systems that are perfect for your retail payment needs.

And because customer satisfaction is what we aim for, we offer ongoing support to all our customers. Our 24/7 customer support team is always on call to answer your questions and attend to your needs.
Still interested?

Here are other additional benefits that you receive when you apply for an internet merchant account with eMerchant Authority.

Merchant Processing

Merchant Account Experts

20+ Proven Bank Relationships
Medium/High-Risk Accounts
Fast Merchant Account Approval
E-Commerce & Retail Options
B2B Vendors Supported

Multiple Payment Processing

Multiple Payment Solutions

Multiple E-Commerce Gateways
Chargeback Prevention
ACH, E-Check, Credit Cards
B2B Level 2/3 Data Discounts
3D Secure Frictionless Checkout
Mobile Payments
EMV Readers

Merchant Processing Technology

Intuitive Technology & Support

Gateway Recurring Billing
E-Commerce Cart Plugins
International Merchant Accounts
Dedicated Account Managers