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B2B payment processing is one of the main frustrations for those involved in B2B industries. Payment processing can often be time-consuming, costly and it can often be at risk of fraud. eMerchant Authority helps companies to process their B2B transactions quickly and easily.

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*Rates quoted as the % above normal card interchange
costs, dues, fees, and assessments.

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eMerchant Authority works closely with high-risk merchants and B2B clients to make sure that they have the best B2B payment processing solution possible, while offering:

Lowest Processing Rate

The lowest possible processing rates.

Data Protection

Data Protection

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Support & Guidance

Custom Payment Solutions

Custom payment solutions for your business.

Contact eMerchant Authority for a cost-free audit of your existing processing system to help you identify possible cost reductions. 

What you should know about b2b payment solutions

How Important Are These Rules?

The most common issue for B2B businesses in relation to payment processing is receiving payments on time. Most B2B businesses complain about issues with on-time payments. Due to this, most business owners suggest that a lot of customers choose to pay by credit card instead. However, most business owners are often reluctant to agree to payment by card due to the high associated fees.

eMerchant Authority works with Businesses to get the lowest fee possible.

Level 2 & 3 Processing

Almost all B2B business owners will be unaware of Level 2 & 3 Processing. These solutions can support businesses by monitoring and tracking their spending by compiling a set of extra line-item data. This information enables processing at a lower rate for card transactions.

eMerchant Authority can inform B2B businesses about the required input details. Many businesses will notice a reduction of 20% to 40% percent of standard rates.

B2B Payments and ACH

The ACH (Automated Clearing House) method of payment processing is not dissimilar to classic paper checking processes. However, this means of processing has grown rapidly in recent years. One of the main reasons for its growth is that ACH payments are generally much less costly than accepting credit card payments, and are more secure in comparison to paper checks. The process has been further simplified and it is now possible to accept same-day ACH which means that businesses can receive payments faster than ever.

eMerchant Authority offers an online terminal which enables you to set up your business for ACH, allowing you to accept payments from any device as long as you have a wifi connection.

B2B Payment Processing Problems and Fraud

Many businesses have been faced with payment fraud in recent years. However, many businesses still rely on traditional ways of processing payments manually, despite the risks associated with it. If your business continues to use such methods, you are leaving your company open to unnecessary risks. Thus, every time you process payments the risk to your business increases.

We assist business in proactively preventing Fraud and other processing problems.

How Our B2B Merchant Services Help to Protect Your Business From Fraud.



Tokenisation replaces your sensitive data with special symbols of identification. This means that your data keeps its unique information without needing to compromise on security. This method securely stores your client’s sensitive data on a secure server. Then, when you have your clients’ data, you can easily set up repeat payments. Also, you can send a report or payment invoice to previous customers without compromising security.

Two Factor Authorization

Two-Factor Authentication

Authentication processes such as dual-factor increases your security. It makes it necessary for employees that approve payments to put in a unique code when they get a text or email each time they release payments. Also, this extra security layer is available for ACH and has become essential in keeping the integrity of B2B protocols.

Fraud Tools

Fraud Tools

Fraud tools help you to protect your business’s assets. Criminals who test credit card numbers on public forms can cause businesses to lose significant amounts of money. Also, fraud prevention tools enable businesses to screen dubious activity and suspicious transactions to enable merchants to stay ahead.

B2b Payment Methods

The process of B2B payments is more complicated than normal transactions. Thus, there is often confusion regarding the best means to approach the process. When one business pays another, the process can be time consuming, costly and difficult. It can mean multiple invoices, long B2B payment terms, multiple banks, and various platforms in order to complete the B2B payment.

eMerchant Authority offers a PCI DSS level one white-lable platform.

This gateway offers robust features to help you connect to other businesses digitally, including: 

ERP Connectivity

eMerchant Authority enables businesses to connect through process management software. This allows the business to utilize integrated payment processes to manage your business and payments.

Customer Vault

The customer vault enables you to securely store your clients’ data, on the eMerchant Authority server, with true tokenization. When you have the data, you can easily set up repeat payments, and send invoices or reports, without compromising on security. 

Virtual Terminal

The virtual terminal enables you to simply accept phone orders as well as ACH payments. It also allows you to customize necessary fields that are required for your specific users. Then, you can input the detailed line-item data for each individual order. Also, you can keep all necessary payment information for all of your B2B payments.

QuickBooks Sync

Once you have downloaded a simple program onto your computer, SyncPay will already be linked to the desktop and the QuickBooks program. Then, you can easily process your B2B payments instantly from within Quickbooks, which will send them to eMerchant Authority. 

 QuickBooks Export

Every eMerchant Authority account enables users to simply and quickly download all transactions into a readable file for Quickbooks. eMerchant Authority also has a simple export tool that prepares your data. You can then easily input the range of transaction data that you require. Then, click a single button and the file will be instantly created for import onto Quickbooks. 


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