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Considering that 48% of online shoppers use credit cards as a form of payment, modern-day businesses need reliable and cost-effective contactless payment processing solutions. One such necessary payment solution is a credit card chip reader. A credit card reader helps in the instant approval of a transaction by reading the customer’s credit card information and communicating this info to the merchant’s processing bank and the credit card network. If you’re looking for a secure and affordable way to accept customers’ chip cards and contactless payments, then you should consider the Square reader for contactless and chip. This card reader is simple, fast, and reliable. It accepts chip, contactless cards, and mobile wallets such as Android Pay and Apple Pay. So, are you wondering how to connect Square reader to phone now? Then, you’ll be glad to know that this reader can connect to your Apple or Android device smartphone, enabling you to accept contactless payments anywhere. In this article, we look at how to connect Square reader and the various ways you can use it in your business.

Check Your Square Reader Battery

Check Square Reader Battery Before you learn how to connect Square reader to iPhone or other compatible devices, you need to know that your device must have the latest Square app. You can download the Square point of sale app from Google Play or Apple app stores. Once you download it, you can proceed and open an account with your business details. Once you’re done, you’re now ready to set up your Square chip reader. Notably, if you’re using your reader for the first time, you’ll need to check its battery. To get an accurate battery reading, unplug the device if it’s plugged into a power source and firmly push the power button on the reader to check the battery level. Notably, the device will show either green, solid red, or blinking red lights. If you see 4 green lights, then the battery is fully charged. Three green lights indicate that the battery is 75% charged. If you see two green lights, then your battery is 50% charged. A single solid red light shows that the battery is 25% charged. A blinking red light is an indication that you have a low battery, and you need to charge your Square chip card reader immediately.

Charge Your Square Reader

Square recommends that after learning how to connect Square reader to iPad, iPhone, or any other compatible device, don’t use it immediately before you fully charge it. The reader comes with a charging cable that you can connect to a USB port or a wall charger. To charge your Square reader, simply connect the USB cable to a wall charger and plug it into a power source. You can also plug the USB cable into a powered USB outlet or port. To check whether your device is charging, have a look at the bottom side of your device. If you can see a small amber light, it means the reader is charging. Once the device is fully charged, the light at the bottom changes from amber to green.

Connect Your Square Reader

how to connect square reader to phone Once your Square chip and contactless card reader is fully charged, it’s time to connect it to your compatible device. The good news is that if you’re using a Square POS Stand with your contactless chip reader, setup is easy. Simply, plugin the USB cable to the square stand’s USB hardware hub. You can also connect the wireless contactless card reader via Bluetooth LE if you’re using a device that doesn’t have a USB port or a headphone jack.   Notably, ensure your device is connected to the internet, as you’ll not be able to use the reader in offline mode. To connect your reader via Bluetooth, follow the below steps:

  •         On your device settings turn on Bluetooth
  •         Open the Square app – ensure your device is running on the latest Square app
  •         From the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, tap on More
  •         Go to Settings and select Hardware
  •         Tap on Card Readers and then Connect a Reader
  •         In case you’re using an iOS device, select Contactless + Chip Reader
  •         Pair your reader to your device by long pressing the chip and contactless reader’s button for at least 3 seconds

Once the two devices are paired, you’ll see orange flashing lights on your reader, an indication that you need to stop pressing the reader’s power button. In case the flashing lights are red, then you’ve pressed the button for too long, and you’ll need to try pairing the devices again. Once the two devices are connected, the app will show the message, Reader Ready. Also, ensure you keep the two devices close together – not more than 10ft apart. In case the two devices are too far apart, the connection will be lost.

Accepting Payments

The Square chip and contactless card reader accepts EMV chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, and NFC-contactless payments. To start accepting EMV chip cards with your Square chip and contactless card reader, follow the below steps

  •         Ensure the reader is connected to your Square stand or another compatible device
  •         Go to the Square app and add the customer’s items to the sale
  •         Insert the chip card at the top of the reader. Ensure the chip side of the card goes first into the port and that the front of the card is facing upwards
  •         Tap on Charge on the Square app
  •         Let the card stay in the reader until you hear a beep sound and see 4 green lights
  •         Remove the card from the reader

In case your establishment has lots of customers, you can use the swipe feature to process sales quickly. To enable the swipe feature on your chip and contactless card reader, follow the below steps:

  •         Go to the reader’s menu by selecting the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the app
  •         Select Swipe Chip Cards under Checkout Options and toggle the feature on
  •         Read and agree to the liability terms
  •         You can now use your Square stand or magnetic stripe reader to swipe the cards

To use your Square reader to accept contactless payments such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay, follow the procedure given below:

  •         Again, connect your Square contactless and chip card reader to your device
  •         On the Square app, add items to the current sale and select Charge
  •         Wait until you see a single green light on the reader
  •         Once the light is visible, ask the customer to put their device over the chip reader to complete the payment
  •         Once payment is complete, you’ll hear a beep sound and four green lights will be visible on the Square card reader

Notably, in case the single green light isn’t visible, open the Square app and tap to Re-Enable Apple Pay and Contactless Something to note is that the Square reader for contactless and chip won’t work offline. For offline payments, you can use the Square magnetic stripe reader. This reader will accept magnetic stripe credit card payments. To use it, insert the reader into the headphone jack of your device and swipe the magnetic stripe card.

Pairing a Reader to a New Device If you had previously paired your contactless and chip card reader to another Square stand or compatible device, you’ll need to forget the device the reader was previously paired with if you want to use it with a new device. You can follow the below steps to pair the reader to a new device:

  •         At the bottom of your reader’s screen, go to the navigation bar and tap on More
  •         Go to Settings and select Hardware and then Card Readers
  •         Select the connected device and tap on Forget This Reader

You can now pair the reader to your new device via Bluetooth LE


Hopefully, now you’re all set to use your Square contactless and chip card reader. In case you have a question related to your Square chip card reader, don’t hesitate to post it in the comments section below.