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Online shopping has grown in popularity, so much so that it’s estimated that eCommerce will constitute more than 22% of all global retail sales by 2023.

Online shopping is convenient for the modern customer, it also provides consumers with a variety of products and gives them anonymity when shopping for discrete items.

Besides, thanks to eCommerce merchant account services most stores are now accepting credit card or B2B payments making it easier for customers to shop online.

If you’re new to online shopping, you may be wondering what the eCommerce term name on card means.

Well, today you’re in luck.

In this article, we’re going to answer the question: what does name on card mean?

So, read on and learn what “name on card” means and why it matters.

What Does “Name on Card” Mean?

Every time you buy products online, the site will request you to fill out a checkout form. After filling out the form, the site will normally ask you to enter “name on card”.

what is name on card

“Name on card” refers to the name on the debit or credit card that you’ll be using to pay for the products ordered. This name is usually written on your card in the format “Title First-name Middle-initial Last-Name” and this is the standard format for entering the “name on card”.  Even if you’re using someone else’s card, enter the “name on card” as it appears on the card.

Some common mistakes that most online shoppers make when entering the “name on card” include:

  • Filling the name in a different format from the one on the card
  • Skipping the last or first name
  • Using different names found on other additional cards
  • Using nicknames
  • Forgetting to include the title
  • Writing the middle name in full
  • Misspelling the name
  • Using their married instead of the maiden name on the card

In some instances when you make a mistake, the site will give you the message “name is in an invalid format” giving you a chance to input the card names correctly.

Unfortunately, in other instances, your order won’t get processed if the name on the card doesn’t match what you have filled in. This is why you need to be careful that you don’t enter the name incorrectly.

If you’re unsure of the format or the name to input on “name on card” you can always check the name on your debit or credit card and enter it as it appears on the card.

Why “Name on Card” Matters

“Name on card” matters as eCommerce sites use it to prevent fraud. By asking for the “name on the card”, online shopping sites are including an extra security measure to minimize the chances of credit card theft, fraud, and scams. The website is also asking for this information to confirm that you’re the rightful owner of the card.

When You Need “Name on Card”?

Normally, you’ll be asked to enter the “name on card” when shopping online. You may also be requested for the same when ordering something over the phone.

Notably, you’ll only be asked to fill out the “name on card” if you specify that you’re paying for your online order using your debit or credit card. If you’re using another payment method, such as PayPal or cash on delivery, you won’t be asked to fill out the “name on the card”.

Ecommerce sites ask for this information from their online shoppers as unlike when shopping in a physical shop, the online customer isn’t physically available to enter their personal details and credit card pin. Besides, most criminals will use stolen credit cards for online shopping.

Other credit card information you may be required to provide together with the “name on card” includes your card number and the three digits found on the back of your credit or debit card.

Something else to note is that some sites instead of using the term “name on card” may use the term “cardholder name” to ask for the same information. Other sites will break the “name on card” option into first name, middle initial, and last name fields.  In all these instances, ensure you type the names as they appear on your card.

What to Do If You’re Ordering an Item for Somebody Else

If you’re ordering a product for someone else, you’ll still need to fill out the “name on card” field. If you’re using your credit card to pay for the order, you’ll fill in the name on your card.

If you’re using someone else’s card, use the name on their card. Again, if you’re using a company’s credit card, fill out the company name as it appears on the credit card as the “name on card”.

If you aren’t the one paying for the product, ask the person who’ll pay for the item their billing address. Fill in the “name on card” details using the name they’ll give you as it appears on the credit or debit card.


Now you know what “name on card” means and why it’s important.

To ensure you fill in the “name on card” correctly, check your credit card and fill in the name as it appears on the card. 

If you don’t have your credit card with you, remember the standard format for entering the “name on card” is “Title First-name Middle-initial Last-Name”.