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What Is the Clover Merchant POS System

A point of sale system facilitates the processing of transactions in a retail or online store. Some few years back, POS systems used to be the equivalent of cash registers in retail stores.

However, modern-day POS systems are entirely digital and they come with numerous features that make it so much easier for small and medium businesses to process transactions.

The Clover POS system includes both the software and hardware that help in transaction processing.

Clover, just like most POS systems, has the following hardware components:

  • Touchscreen monitor on a computer or a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone
  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt printer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Credit card reader
  • Network devices

Notably, online businesses that don’t have a physical location don’t need to have most of the Clover POS hardware mentioned above. Their POS is their e-commerce website that may include virtual terminals that allow the site to accept payments anywhere without a POS device. The E-commerce site should also have a shopping cart and other online shopping software.

Clover POS system also does more than just process transactions as the software supports other business features including:

  • Accept contactless payments such as contactless cards and mobile payments
  • Inventory management, which allows you to keep tabs on your stock levels
  • Offer online ordering, which allows restaurant owners to create an online menu that customers can use to order
  • Provide POS reports that include sales and revenue reports that help you make better business decisions
  • Providing physical and digital receipts that can make refunds easier and also improve the reputation of your business
  • A clover-merchant account that offers Clover merchant services which allow your POS to accept and process debit and credit card payments
  • Provide employee management services that give you insights into your employees’ performance, allow you to create employee schedules and make it easier to run payroll
  • Customer relationship management through the CRM tool and metrics helps businesses improve customer experience through effective communication, customer service, and marketing
  • Tipping support that allows customers to give a digital tip to restaurants and other service industries workers
  • Invoicing as the software can help generate invoices and track payments
  • Offers 24/7 customer support
  • Provide a loyalty program and an easy-to-use discount and coupon additional feature, plus it also distributes and processes gift cards

How the Clover POS System Works

If you’re wondering if the Clover POS system is suitable for your business, read how it works, so you can make an informed choice.

The customer decides to make a purchase– The Clover POS starts working when a customer makes an order either on a physical or online store. For the former, the customer may ask for help from the sales assistant while in an online store, the customer will add the items they intend to buy to their shopping cart.

A sale is initiated by the cashier– The sale is initiated when the cashier starts to scan the items and enter them on the sale screen. The Clover POS system will populate the screen with each scanned product and its price. The software will also update the inventory count and adjust the stock levels.  Once the cashier is done scanning the items, they’ll inform the customer of the total cost of the items.

Customer pays– The shopper once they’re told the amount due will select a payment method. They can choose to pay in cash, loyalty points, gift card or electronically using their credit card or mobile device. In case the payment is made electronically, the payment terminal or the Clover merchant account helps to confirm the payment.

The transaction is finalized– Once the payment is confirmed by the system, the point of sale system finalizes the transaction by creating a digital or printed receipt. For cash transactions, the printer prompts the cash drawer to open and receive the money.  At this point, the customer is also handed the purchased items together with the receipt

The software keeps everything in check– Behind the scenes, the Clover Merchant POS software captures and updates the data fed and produces important business reports and analytics.

Business Doesn’t have to be complicated with Clover POS Systems

Clover POS System makes everything easier for business owners. With Clover you can take orders, accept payments, organize your inventory, grow your customer base, and manage your team. The simplicity of the Clover POS System gives your staff more time to focus on your customers, which will keep them coming back. Everything you need is at the tip of your fingers.

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Fully Featured

The Clover POS system comes with everything you need to get started right away. Your whole team is able to use this POS system because it doesn’t charge per employee, unlike a lot of the competitors.

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Accessible From Anywhere

You can sync Clover to your cloud so you can check up on your business; no matter where you are. Easily access your sales, refunds, deposits, and reports from wherever you are.

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Totally Customizable

Clover scales with your business. You can start off small with what you need now and customize the system as your business grows.


Clover POS System is the right solution for your business because you can customize it to manage everything you need. Plus, Clover comes with several approved accessories to make the system as efficient as possible.

Clover Systems
Clover POS Mini Flex Station

Customize Your System

bullet point The right mix of hardware Select the stationary and portable devices that fulfill your needs.

bullet point The right mix of software Customize your POS with features and functionalities right for you.

bullet point Enhance with accessories Add Clover-approved accessories to make your entire system more robust and efficient.

Process more payments

bullet point Leave no tender type behind Accept credit, debit, and gift cards as well as NFC and mobile payments (Apple Pay).

bullet point Make it easy for your customers Offer digital receipts and one-touch tipping. Process refunds, returns, and exchanges quickly and easily.

bullet point Take care of the extras Automatically apply service or delivery charges.

Clover Mini Payment POS
Manage Orders With Clover Station

Manage Your Orders

bullet point Made to order Take orders for inhouse, pickup, or delivery.

bullet point No order is too complicated Open tabs, split bills, and combine multiple orders.

bullet point Drill down into the details Ring up and track item level sales, discounts, and taxes.

Grow Your Customer Base

bullet point Get to know your customers View customer birthdays and order histories, and automatically generate profiles with contact info.

bullet point Reward them Keep your customers coming back with loyalty programs.

bullet point Engage and communicate Send custom promotions and marketing campaigns via email or text.

Clover POS Customer Base CRM
Clover POS Flex

Oversee Your Team

bullet point Manage shifts and schedules Your Clover POS makes it simpler than ever to manage your entire staff and their schedules.

bullet point Customize administrative functions Set individual employee permissions based on your team’s structure and responsibilities.

bullet point Stay on top of register activity View your employees’ sales, tips, and refunds.

Extra Features To Get The Most Out Of Your Business


Easily launch and promote new deals & specials. 


Organize tables, guests, and waitstaff.

Sound Icon

Easily get feedback from customers

Give Icon

Offer and accept gift cards.

Virtual terminal for payments anywhere, anytime.

Accept payments anywhere with your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Fire up Virtual Terminal right on your Clover Web Dashboard, 24/7.

Clover Laptop

Tools to energize your business

Connect your Clover POS to services like Yelp, MailChimp, QuickBooks, and many other best-in-class services and apps.

Clover POS Apps


What Is Clover Merchant Services?

Clover merchant services provide a wide variety of solutions. Our services are targeted at businesses operating in the business-to-business (B2B), e-commerce, and retail spaces interested in eMerchant Authority options. 

Clover’s offering for merchants and business owners covers categories such as contactless payments, online payments, debit card payments, point-of-sale (POS) systems, mobile payment processing, retail and swipe payment solutions, credit card transactions, high-risk payment gateway, a virtual terminal, merchant accounts, clover credit card processing, etc. 

Brands can seamlessly and securely operate and manage their businesses using Clover merchant services. Tools such as POS devices and accessories or Clover’s virtual terminal can be used to receive customer payments via debit cards or credit cards. You can control and monitor these transactions via mobile devices or an additional device that can be connected to your Clover station.

Apart from the Clover POS machine, which is used primarily to accept customer payments, its cloud-based software allows merchants to manage orders, grow their customer base, and offer and accept gift cards. Furthermore, you can integrate additional features, such as a loyalty program to help maximize customer experiences and keep them coming. 

Does Clover Have a Free Trial?

For businesses looking to enjoy the Clover merchant system, there is a 30-day free trial. Within this period, Clover lets you receive payment, manage your business from your mobile device or laptop via its virtual terminal, and enjoy other built-in features. 

Clover doesn’t offer free hardware like other credit card processing companies. Clover merchant machines have to be paid for by their respective owners. There is, however, a wide range of POS devices and accessories, plus Clover’s virtual terminal that businesses can use for credit card processing without hardware. 

Are you still on the fence about trying Clover’s free trial? Clover offers an easy-to-use interface and all-around customer support via calls and emails. This is a go-to for companies irrespective of their size and business type. Clover’s blog updates offer its clients and customers useful and enlightening information, and its forums allow client and customer participation. 

What Companies Use Clover?

Clover merchant service is a leading industry service. The Clover credit card processor, cloud-based and point-of-sale (POS) offer, and other add-ons, make it a top choice for companies across various business types and sizes.  Clover POS is used by companies with any number of employees, which could range from 10 to 50 employees and revenue of various amounts. 

A vast number of companies are using Clover for their businesses, and these businesses include low and high-risk businesses. Clover’s clientele is mostly made up of companies based in the United States and those operating in the financial services industry. Businesses in B2B and B2C, e-commerce, retail, etc., can use Clover’s tools to receive payments, launch and promote new deals and specials, and maintain customer loyalty programs. 

Outside the United States, Clover is available in countries such as Canada, Germany, Ireland, Argentina, Austria, and the United Kingdom, where it is being used by various businesses.

What Is the Reputation of Clover Company?

Clover is one of the leading merchant service providers across the globe, providing businesses with all-in-one software services. Clover is more popular among small and medium-scale businesses such as B2B businesses, retailers, e-commerce companies, and restauranters. 

This is because it offers tailored packages designed to meet the need of various business types, operating businesses that require different approaches. Also, we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Our highly competitive payment processing rates and transaction fees, a user-focused interface, and a wide variety of integrations make us a top choice for businesses looking to employ the service of a merchant service provider.

Clover’s solutions are highly recommended because of their ability to help businesses manage their operations and make informed decisions, their accessibility via a mobile app and Windows and Mac OS laptops, and their function as a payment panacea for businesses. 

Clover merchant system works with all commonly-used debit cards and credit cards and NFC payments. There is also the offline payment solution. Apart from having a user-focused interface, the Clover POS machine is also known for its durability. 

With numerous companies using Clover POS around the world, its reputation precedes it. 

Every Clover System Comes With Peace of Mind

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It’s never been easier. Set up your Clover POS system with eMerchant Authority and the right mix of devices & apps for your business. Add more devices or apps any time. Order directly online or talk to us about your ideal device and plan options.

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