Start Your eCommerce Business Off The Right Way

By finding a reliable merchant provider.

When it comes to finding great online payment processing solutions, some companies are simply better for the job than others. Your ecommerce business needs a company that has the right experience to handle your merchant accounts, even if they are high risk.

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eCommerce Merchant Processing

When you are searching for a payment processing provider trust is essential. You need to make sure your merchant provider has the right security measures in place so all of your information remains private.

When you trust eMerchant Authority to handle your merchant accounts you can be reassured that we have top of the line security that keeps all of your information safe. If you don’t believe us, let our customer track record speak for itself.

Give us a call today so we can discuss your options for account security and fraud protection.

Since every business is different, eMerchant Authority has many different key features to help your business get the best fit.

 Our specialists will help you determine which account is the right one for your business so you don’t have to second guess.
 They will make sure you understand everything that is important for taking your account in the right direction.
 Online credit card processing has never been easier, eMerchant authority is ready with solutions for all types of businesses.

How Online Credit Card Processing is Continuously Growing

Over half of Americans prefer to shop online instead of in the store. Can you blame them? Not only do you save time, but you also don’t have to deal with crowds and you can stay in your pajamas without judgment from other shoppers. Each year that goes by, ecommerce business see a bigger slice of the profit pie.

If you’re an ecommerce business owner then it is a good idea to start your merchant account off the right way. Many online businesses are considered high risk because the card isn’t present at the time of purchase. With banks and many other payment processing providers that means higher rates. Skip out on that nonsense by turning to eMerchant Authority to handle your merchant account. 

We know that online credit card processing is growing and more consumers prefer that method of payment. That’s why we keep our rates fair. Our experts know how to handle a high risk account properly and don’t use that as an excuse to charge you an arm and a leg.

ecommerce online payment account

eCommerce Businesses Are The New Normal

Online shopping and other forms of ecommerce business are growing like never before. The effects that the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic put on the economy has completely changed the way people do their shopping. Instead of filling up their wallets with cash and going to the mall to hit up their favorite stores, customers are now more likely to fill out their credit card information online and start buying goods and services digitally. 

When it comes to ecommerce businesses, there are three main types:

Lending & Debt Merchant Account


Online shopping, known as business to consumer

Lending & Debt Merchant Account


Business to business, as in manufacturers to businesses.

Lending & Debt Merchant Account


Consumer to consumer; online platforms like Ebay or Etsy

Each year the annual profits from ecommerce exceed hundreds of billions of dollars. With online business being the new normal the profits are likely to increase even greater. By the end of 2018 ecommerce businesses brought in more than 400 billion dollars. On average, 4 out of 5 Americans make an online purchase every month

Need A Merchant Account Quick?

Why eMerchant Authority is The Best Provider For ecommerce Businesses

Our online credit card payment processing services will allow your business to start accepting all forms of electronic payments, while keeping everything easy for you and your customers. Our experts can help set you up on the right plan to take your business to the next level. Some of the amazing features you can get with eMerchant Authority include:

Pawn Shop Credit Card Processing

Online shopping cart support

Credit Card POS

Several payment gateway options

Auto Warranties

Free payment plugin modules

Recurring Billing Merchant Account

Alerts and management for chargebacks

Merchant Account Statement

Fraud prevention and robust reporting

We can integrate our payment processing solutions to your ecommerce business effortlessly, not to mention affordably too! This allows your customers to have a great shopping experience without any hassles when it comes to paying. The experts at eMerchant Authority strive in helping ecommerce businesses reach their sales goals and go beyond. 

Every business needs something different when it comes to online payment solutions, and we are here to help.