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We work to ensure that businesses have the best chance to grow their adult business, expand online, and accept credit cards. We can offer merchant account solutions that cover all types of purchases, from adult books and magazines to toys and other items anyone can use to spice things up in the bedroom!

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Finding the Right Payment Gateway for Your Adult Merchant Account

If you work in one of the high-risk industries, such as the adult industry, you’ve probably stumbled upon a problem or two when researching adult payment processing companies. Since popular payment systems such as PayPal don’t work with merchants labeled as “high-risk merchants,” you might find it very hard to pick a company that caters to high-risk businesses such as yours. 

Once you become an online merchant, selling your adult products depends on finding excellent merchant account services that will process payments without issues, excessive chargebacks, and high cancellation fees. The only way you can offer online services, grow your business, and accept credit cards is by collaborating with a company that will understand all your issues and offer the right solutions. 

Adult entertainment merchants are deemed high-risk due to the high chargeback ratios, heavy regulations, higher risk of fraudulent transactions, security concerns, reputational risks, etc. So, establishing successful online businesses despite all these risks is a hard task; however, with the right provider, you’ll prove to your clientele that they can trust you and be safe with you.

There’s no need to look further than eMerchant Authority for those businesses that need an adult payment processor. eMerchant Authority offers flexible and sustainable solutions for all different types of business in the adult industry.

The coverage extends to adult toy stores, bookstores, strip clubs, adult content websites, and dating sites. Thanks to their extensive coverage and sustainable financial solutions, eMerchant Authority is slowly becoming the premier adult merchant account provider!

What sets us apart is that we understand the different needs and requirements of businesses. No two businesses are the same. Our flexible solutions help get both retail and e-commerce adult merchant account approval rapidly. Being able to accept credit card payments and debit card payments is vital in establishing a successful business and ensuring its long-term success.

Use our fast application to get a custom tailored merchant account that fits your needs.

Adult Merchant Account

Despite all the stigma and the taboo, the American adult toy industry has been growing consistently. There’s an increasing level of demand for adult merchant accounts. Due to access to high-quality materials, the industry has been able to produce products that are safe and provide high-quality and are rapidly expanding online.

Market projections indicate that the adult toy industry will grow to over $52 billion by 2026. There’s incredible potential for all organizations that operate in the adult industry.

Generally, a lot of organizations are tapping into the adult market by streamlining all e-commerce sales. Due to the taboo nature of adult products, traditional payment services tend to classify the sale/purchase of these items as high risk.

Manufacturers that are looking to expand their market share are looking to establish e-commerce sites. These organizations need to find trusted, sustainable payment processors that facilitate high-risk payments like eMerchant Authority.

The Ideal Adult PAyment Processors

What a lot of businesses realize after initially setting up their adult business, that adult payment processors are a unique form of account provider. Anyone that operates in the merchant industry will recognize that finding high-risk accounts is a challenge.

That’s where the eMerchant Authority comes in and helps provide sustainable financial solutions for all kinds of adult entertainment businesses. We facilitate both domestic and international banking partners at competitive rates. No matter what form of adult entertainment that the business might offer, the eMerchant Authority provides a flexible solution for anyone.

How Do Merchants Pick An Adult Payment PRocessor?

Organizations looking to find an adult payment processor to run their business online need to go through a few loopholes to find an adult payment processor. Traditional banks and services will categorize the adult entertainment business as a high risk. Additionally, due to the stigma attached to the adult business, traditional services also suffer from a reputational risk by associating themselves with these organizations.

Take, for example, an adult toy store, if the organization didn’t use the proper routes to access the high-risk processing account and started operating business. Once the organizations choose to approach the traditional payment services, they’ll initially take information from the company.

After taking the initial information, once the payments go through, the traditional services will then suspend the accounts, and the organization won’t be able to sell any products or services. They aren’t able to accept credit card or debit card payments.

Once the cash flow stops, these organizations are at an incredible disadvantage. The disadvantageous situation is compounded by the fact that the money from any products or services sold will be held by the bank until further notice. Organizations that operate in the adult industry can avoid this risk entirely by opting for payment processing companies that support high-risk payments.

Need For Adult Merchant Processing

Adult merchant processing coverage extends to online dating sites, strip clubs, adult bookstores, toys, and pornographic websites that require membership. It’s a massively tedious process for these organizations to accept debit and credit cards.

For those business owners that aren’t aware of how an adult merchant account works, it functions similarly to a bank account for the online store. Upon customers purchasing items from the website, our payment gateway will transmit key information to the merchant account. After exchanging key data and the proper verifications, the payment will be transferred to the organization’s account.

Advantages of Having the Right Payment Service Provider

Why should adult entertainment companies choose eMerchant Authority as the processor for their online services? Here are some of the advantages you’ll enjoy: 

  • Various payment solutions: aside from the regular credit card processing solutions, we also offer multiple e-commerce gateways, mobile payments, ACH, E-check, EMV readers, B2B level ⅔ data discounts, and 3D secure, frictionless checkout. 
  • Open an offshore adult merchant account: every adult merchant business needs an offshore account. If you want to take your business internationally and expand your customer base, this account will help you accept any currency from anywhere in the world. 
  • Competitive rates: aside from being a trusted processor for adult merchant services, we also offer the most competitive rates on the market. 
  • Simple application process: submitting an application for your high-risk merchant account is so straightforward. You can do it online and without waiting. Our team will go over your documents, and you can start accepting different payments.  

How can you ensure that you’ll be approved for adult credit card processing? Here are some tips to follow:

  • Gather all the documents: when you apply, you should attach all the documents the processor asks for. Of course, different services might ask for different documents; however, you should provide as much information as possible to speed up the process. 
  • Have an established processing score: you should have a good credit score if you want any service to want to work with you. In addition, you should pay all your bills before sending an application. 
  • Don’t lie: you have to be honest with all the information you give. Don’t change any numbers, or give false documents. Also, don’t hide the nature of your business. If you offer services in the adult industry, you have to be very open and upfront about it. As long as you don’t do anything illegal, you should be fine. 
  • Pay your taxes: you have to pay your taxes; otherwise, you can be denied services. 

Integrating The Adult Payment Gateway

Connecting through the proper adult payment gateway, they’ll need to find banks that accept online card processing. Among the first obstacles that users need to overcome is finding an ideal sponsor bank that would serve the adult entertainment industry. Traditional payment services and banks to avoid approving underwriting for adult merchant accounts.

The only available option for these organizations is engaging in business with payment processors that facilitate high-risk payments. eMerchant Authority is the ideal payment processor that’ll help adult businesses accept debit and credit cards. It takes as little as three business days for eMerchant Authority to help adult organizations process their payments.

Here’s the step by step process that adult business owners can expect when signing up with eMerchant Authority:

Subscription Boxes

Fill-out Online Application


Submit Proper Documentation

Auto Warranties

Our Team Will Work On Getting You Approved

Lending & Debt Merchant Account

Start Accepting All Forms of Payment

Does Being High Risk Affect One’s Chances of Getting an Adult Merchant Account?

There’s definitely an impact on adult businesses because of their high-risk classification. Traditional payment services tend to not allow payment processing for these services, and that’s where e-merchant Authority comes into play. Completely avoid any hassle and let our team of experts provide you the most sustainable financial solution.

Traditional banks and payments processors like PayPal don’t accept adult organization. Due to their lack of acceptance, adult organizations have a very difficult time getting approval on their merchant accounts. What makes the issue even more significant is that a lot of business owners realize too late that the adult purchases fall under the high-risk category.

They end-up applying for merchant accounts with these traditional services who initially end up collecting information for the organizations. After collecting the application, one of the most significant disadvantages that the company has to encounter is that they’re risking accounts getting suspended.

The best way to get rid of any potential hassle is opting for eMerchant Authority and finding a sustainable financial solution for your adult business.

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