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Is Airline Merchant Account  High-Risk?

The airline industry is a multibillion-dollar enterprise in the U.S. One might think that doing business in such a huge sector will land you in the banks’ low-risk category. However, the case is simply the opposite.

Airlines and travel agents are considered high-risk merchants by financial institutions right from the start. Banks assess that financial hazards are terribly high in this industry due to a lot of factors.

One of the main factors that make an airline merchant account high risk is that they accept a form of payment other than cash, such as debit and credit card transactions. And the payment processing is done online or over the phone — procedures that do not require a physical card to be present.

These payment options cannot be taken away from the businesses, as these make it more convenient for customers to make purchases and reservations right in the comfort of their homes. So, airline merchant services will always be high risk in exchange for more sales and profits.

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Handling your airline Booking merchant account

Airline booking merchant accounts have always been high risk, which causes all sorts of headaches. eMerchant Authority is here to change that, offering rates that aren’t sky high. Now that’s something to smile about. Apply today to get started.

The reason why airline booking merchant accounts are considered high risk is because of how the transaction is processed. With airlines, all sales are not final. A change in plans could completely alter the customer’s travel plans. When this happens they may not use their reservation and request a refund. Since airlines are required to give out refunds often they have no choice but to search for high-risk accounts.

High risk merchant accounts are required when a business experiences a lot of chargebacks. With airlines, the customer has a rather large window from the time they order their airline ticket in which they are allowed to cancel their plans and request a refund. Refunds are often seen as hazardous making any business that has to give them out more frequently high risk. 

It’s not just the refunds that put airline booking merchant accounts in the high risk category either. When customers make their flight reservations, it is usually done online or by phone. These are considered “card not present” purchases and the reason it is considered a high risk form of payment is because there is a greater chance of fraud. Fraud presents a higher probability of chargebacks. 

Airline tickets are expensive, so they are considered “High Ticket Size”. Aquiring banks see these types of businesses as huge red flags. High priced chargebacks are one of the biggest deal breakers for a lot of banks. The issues with many banks is they look at all of the “what if” factors. They tend to base their evaluation on questions like “what if there are many chargebacks for high ticket sales?”

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How Payments and Refunds Make Airline Booking Merchant Accounts High Risk

In order for you to get a better understanding of how exactly acquiring banks can consider airline booking merchant accounts high risk, we are going to give you an example. A customer phones in and books an airline ticket for $350 and makes the payment with their credit card over the phone. That is a high enough total for the purchase to be considered “High Ticket Size”. Also, since the customer paid over the phone the purchase is considered “Card Not Present”. Both of these factors have just upped the risk of the purchase.

It usually takes around 48 hours for you to receive this payment. Now just to throw a twist into this scenario so you can see where the banks are coming from, the customer notices the charge on their credit card for the airline ticket. The customer either disputes the charge or claims that it was a fraudulent charge. If the customer wins their dispute then the airline had to refund them the $350.

When the customer gets a refund it is processed by the merchant account. If there are not enough funds present to cover the refund in the airline’s account then the merchant account processing company becomes responsible for paying back the customer.

Why You Should Let eMerchant Authority Handle Your Airline Merchant Services

When it comes to handling high risk merchant accounts, eMerchant Authority is the leading company in the industry. Anytime you apply for an airline booking merchant account the banks will assess if they think your company will receive a lot of high ticket chargebacks or not. This is how they determine if you are high risk or not. 

High risk accounts always do better when they are with a company like eMerchant Authority. We understand what companies need when it comes to their airline merchant services. If you apply to a bank there’s two very important factors airlines need to consider about their account that could get them rejected: underwriting and fees.

When it comes to underwriting, if your airline is placed in this category for being high risk then you will have a more difficult time with the payment processing. You may be required to provide bank statements, tax returns, corporate paperwork, and the airline’s processing history.

Many banks will also have very fees to make sure the airline merchant services can cover the high chargebacks. However, with eMerchant Authority you can avoid those high fees. We strive in making applying for airline merchant services simple.

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