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If you have bad credit, you should consider checking out eMerchant Authority. We offer several different merchant options that for you to choose from, including different brands and different devices to accept payments.

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You May Be Considered A High Risk Merchant

If you have bad credit, your business may be considered high-risk to payment processing companies. This can make it difficult to find a company that is willing to work with you. This doesn’t have to be the case, as there are several options out there for businesses who are considered high risk.

If this is the case for you, you should consider checking out eMerchant Authority. They offer several different merchant options that for you to choose from, including different brands and different devices to accept payments.

eMerchant Authority makes it easy to get what you need for your business to be able to accept payments anywhere, whether that is on the go or at a store front. eMerchant Authority is the lowest cost merchant processor you will find on the market.

Use our fast application to get a custom tailored merchant account that fits your needs.

Applying For a Merchant Account With Bad Credit

When can you apply for a bad credit merchant account? Everyone can send an application, whether low or high risk; however, the process might differ. For example, if you’re a business owner with a bad credit score, and you went through several unsuccessful attempts, you still have a chance to accept credit card payments, but you have to find the right processor and apply for the right account. 

What risk factors can stand in your way of getting a bad credit merchant account provider and account? The processor will take a look at your credit score, bank statements, credit card transactions, chargeback ratios, processing history, and more. You have lower chances of approval if you have unpaid bills, poor credit history, negative bank account balance, late payments, and more. 

Having the perfect credit is exceptionally hard, especially if you’re a young business. Businesses that are a part of the high-risk industry also find it difficult to accept credit card payments due to their high chargeback ratios, reputation, etc. 

Banks and other financial institutions avoid working with bad credit businesses, so in most cases, you have to search for a skilled high-risk processor that will understand your struggles and help you set up electronic payments and allow your customers to pay with credit cards. 

Credit card processors will take a look at your:

  • Credit score
  • Company website
  • Credit card processing history
  • Chargeback ratio

One of the best ways to prepare before applying for merchant accounts for bad credit is by paying for all your outstanding bills, having money on your account, and finding an employee or a shareholder with a good credit score to apply for the account.

Having bad credit shouldn’t discourage you from applying for a merchant account. Some reputable companies started the same way, with bad credit; however, with the help of the right payment processors managed to earn the trust of the customers and boost their business credit history. The success of many businesses depends on online sales; therefore, having an account can help you grow and turn your credit from bad to good. 

Thanks to the eMerchant Authority team, you can join successful online businesses with bad credit that still managed to get an account. Our team will do its best to take an in-depth look into your needs, offer the lowest transaction fees, and process your credit card payments without an issue. 

What Should You Look for in a  Credit Card Processing Provider for Your Bad Credit Business

How should you choose the best provider for your merchant account? Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when researching for a great provider:

  • Lower rates: since most bad credit merchant services and processors offer significantly higher processing rates; you should look for a more affordable plan. Of course, you can’t expect to pay the same processing rates as businesses with great credits; however, you still need a provider with decent rates. That’s exactly what we offer at eMerchant Authority. You can contact our team and get all the information you need. 
  • Check for hidden fees: take a very good look at the fees of your merchant service provider before making a deal. The monthly fees might be higher than usual, but you should carefully read the contract to avoid any hidden fees. 
  • A rolling reserve is something many bad credit merchants struggle with. This reserve allows your processor to withhold a percent of your transactions as security for chargebacks. This means that you might not get all your money right away, which can be an issue if you’re a small business and need the money. 
  •  Long-term commitment: most processors will offer you a short-term commitment; however, you should look for one willing to accept a long-term collaboration. 

Bad Credit Merchant Account FAQ’s

What is eMerchant Authority?

eMerchant Authority offers merchant accounts to businesses who are low risk or high risk. They offer some of the lowest fees in the industry, and they make all of their fees known to you before you sign up for an account. They also offer their products at insanely low prices, so you will get the best deal possible.

What is a Merchant Account?

A merchant account is a bank account for a business that can process credit and debit card payments as well as accept cash if you are working from a store front. A regular merchant account can be incredibly difficult to get approved for if you don’t have the greatest history.

This is where eMerchant Authority comes in. As a no credit check merchant account, they will more than likely be able to extend payment processing to you regardless of what your credit score looks like. 

How do I know if I am high risk?

More businesses fall into the classification of high risk than you would think. One thing you can look at to determine if you are high risk is your credit score. If your score is around 580 or less, you will likely be considered high risk.

You can also look at what business industries are considered high risk. These types of businesses typically include casinos, travel agencies, attorneys, and many more. eCommerce sales and store fronts may also be considered high risk.

If you aren’t sure how to be certain if you are high risk, you can reach out to eMerchant Authority. They will be able to help you determine your risk status, as well as get you set up with payment processing in an easy and quick manner.

What is the difference between a regular merchant account and a high risk one?

Regular merchant accounts are businesses that have great credit scores, low transaction amounts, low monthly processing amounts, and experience zero to very few returns.

High risk merchant accounts are for businesses who typically process more than $20,000 a month, have higher average transaction amounts, industries with high fraud and returns, and bad credit history.

High risk businesses will also have more fees to pay than a low risk businesses. Working with eMerchant Authority allows you to have access to lower than average fees for high risk accounts.

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Our services come at competitive rates, and we offer flexible payment solutions that are easy on the budget. Because we understand how financially difficult it is to be a business owner.

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