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When it comes to getting clients a Business Opportunities Merchant Account ready to facilitate credit and debit card payments, eMerchant Authority is the premier service on the market. Any interested client should look to start their merchant application today. 

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Why Do You Need A Business Opportunity Merchant Account?

Any biz ops entrepreneur on the market needs a high-risk business opportunity merchant. Business professionals and entrepreneurs tend to make these programs and courses to help other people generate income.

One of the major benefits of the organizations is the operation can be managed entirely from a remote location, via the internet or other online portals. A lot of the biz ops courses provide a membership fee to provide continuous access to background applications and other helpful resources. 

Of course, with the nature of the business being online, the most convenient way of processing payments is through the Internet. Since customers don’t live in the same state as the merchant, online payments are the easiest way. Members would also naturally prefer using their debit cards and/or credit cards as payment methods. 

If you have a merchant account, your business can readily accept online payments. With the ability to handle credit card processing, business opportunity companies will thrive. Customers can conveniently purchase the memberships and services online right in the safety of their homes. It’s a win-win situation.

As is the case with most things in life, everything can’t be perfect, and the biz ops industry is garnering quite a high-risk reputation. Due to a few high-profile scandals that garnered a lot of attention and other fraudulent activities, traditional banks and payment services don’t facilitate biz ops businesses for credit card processing. Another major issue is that clients may even attempt to opt for chargebacks and the costs are excessive. 

There is a myriad of different reasons why business opportunities merchant accounts fall under the high-risk category. As a result, finding a reliable payment processing solution for these entrepreneurs is an incredibly challenging task

Use our fast application to get a custom tailored merchant account that fits your needs.

How Is A Business Opportunity Merchant Account Different?

Business opportunity merchant accounts are set up when the biz ops service is looking to accept card payments from customers. The way it works is that the account suppliers will hold the funds out of the income before the account’s earnings can be sent back to company accounts.  

If there are any refunds or chargebacks related to a specific purchase, the payment processors normally deduct the merchant account amounts before transferring any payments. In practice, it seems quite simple to understand. 

Payment processors typically quantify transactions into low, medium, or high-risk categories. A low-risk transaction is typically when a customer presents a charge card, which is physically swiped on the market premises to complete a purchase. 

However, not all business categories fall into the low-risk category, even when the card is present. Due to the nature of the biz ops industry, many products and services are either offered over the phone or online. Even when they are not in person, as long as customers have the info of their credit card, merchant business opportunities can process their payments. These transactions are known as card-not-present payments and have a significantly higher risk. There is a danger of fraud, wherein the person using the credit card details is not the real credit account owner. There is no way to verify their identity since the transaction is done online or by phone.

Additionally, the nature of products and services also impacts whether the business is low-risk or high-risk. Product categories such as skincare, home-based biz ops merchants, nutritional supplements, and weight loss formulas all fall under the category of high-risk merchants. It isn’t necessarily just because of the nature of the goods. The high-risk classification also occurs because of the payment processing method. 

As the modern world becomes more digital, customers are starting to use mobile and other payment processing procedures. Point-of-sale is increasingly becoming a thing of the past, and eMerchant Authority offers all kinds of business opportunity merchant account solutions that make it easy for organizations to accept all the different kinds of modern payment methods. The support extends to anywhere the organization decides to set up a business!

How Does Emerchant Authority Help With The Business Opportunity Merchant Account?

Modern-day consumers are getting used to making more and more cashless transactions, and it is of the utmost importance that organizations offer their customers this facility. To have the ability to provide this service, your company needs to have a business opportunity merchant account.

There is no need to worry about financial institutions turning down your application for a merchant account. eMerchant Authority can open a high-risk business opportunity a merchant account quickly and easily. Just submit an application today and see if you’re pre-approved.

Moreover, eMerchant Authority understands how to keep costs low for the business. The company focuses on ensuring that the high-risk merchant accounts are sustainable and continue processing the payment. Another initiative that eMerchant Authority takes is that they’re diligent in ensuring that the chargeback ratio remains low.

The benefits of starting a business opportunity merchant account are evident and are as follows:

Multiple Bank Merchant Solutions

Better Cash Flow

Recurring Billing Merchant Account

Accept & Schedule Recurring Payment

Debt Collections

Increased Revenues


Avoid Losses From Bounced Checks

Health and Beauty

Improved Customer Service

Strategies we use to help businesses ensure that their chargebacks are low

Multi Level Processing

Canceling Recurring Transaction

Customers can request cancellation of multiple recurring transactions regardless of whether the transaction is billed monthly, quarterly, or annually; our customer service will always respond quickly. After dealing with their request, we’ll ensure the customers in writing that their membership has been canceled.

Protect Customers

Great Customer Service

Another strategy we use is employing a great customer service department that provides clients with a timely response. Avoiding any disgruntled customers is one of the best ways to avoid excessive chargebacks.

Manage Inventory

Payment Descriptors In The Merchant Name

To avoid any chargeback disputes, we ensure that every descriptor reflects information that the consumer will recognize. 

Does Being High Risk Affect Getting Your Chances Of A Business Opportunity Merchant Account?

Thanks to the continuous regulation of the business opportunities industry, running a company is significantly more difficult for owners. They have to encounter several regulations, restrictions, and rules that are more of a hindrance than an aid to the business.

Aside from these restricting regulations, financial institutions also give business opportunity companies a hard time. The banks cast these merchants as high-risk simply because they do not understand the whole nature of how the business works. Financial institutions disregard applications for merchant accounts from them, thinking that taking the risk with these merchants is not worth it.

Being tagged as high-risk means it is more difficult for your business to be approved to get a merchant account. And without a merchant account, your business will be unable to accept online payments, debit card payments, or even process credit card transactions.  It is very detrimental to your business as most transactions in this line of work mainly involve online and electronic payments from any part of the country. Point-of-sale is simply not in its nature.

That’s where eMerchant Authority comes into the equation to help business owners walk through the entire procedure. Any clients that have difficulty finding a reliable payment processor to get their credit and debit payments going have to go to the right place!

For merchant account applications and merchant services, business opportunity companies don’t need to look far. Just connect with our specialist to assist with your application.

You may even get pre-approved on the same day!

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