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High-Risk CBD Merchant Accounts Made Simple

If you run a CBD business, it won’t be long before you realize that most merchant account providers do not want to deal with you. This is because selling CBD is regarded as a high-risk industry. The rate of refunds in this business is high, not to mention the amount of legislation that companies have to conform to if they wish to sell CBD. It really isn’t a surprise that most merchant account providers will steer clear of CBD companies.  Although CBD payment processing sounds complex, you can reap all the benefits when you find the right processor.

Of course, we here at Merchant Authority understand your need for quality CBD merchant processing services. When you work with us, you will be on the path towards finding the perfect CBD merchant account for your business.

While we can’t prevent your business from being a high-risk merchant. This is natural due to the business that you are operating in, we can help to ensure that the risk is kept to the minimum. This is not only beneficial to the bank providing the merchant account, but it is also highly beneficial to your bottom line. It means fewer chargebacks, and often far lower fees for payment processing services. 

Use our fast application to get a custom tailored merchant account that fits your needs.

Our job At eMerchant Authority

Business opportunity merchant accounts are set up when the biz ops service is looking to accept card payments from customers. The way it works is that the account suppliers will hold the funds out of the income before the account’s earnings can be sent back to company accounts.  

If there are any refunds or chargebacks related to a specific purchase, the payment processors normally deduct the merchant account amounts before transferring any payments. In practice, it seems quite simple to understand. 

Payment processors typically quantify transactions into low, medium, or high-risk categories. A low-risk transaction is typically when a customer presents a charge card, which is physically swiped on the market premises to complete a purchase. 

However, not all business categories fall into the low-risk category, even when the card is present. Due to the nature of the biz ops industry, many products and services are either offered over the phone or online. These transactions are known as card-not-present payments and have a significantly higher risk. 

Additionally, the nature of products and services also impacts whether the business is low-risk or high-risk. Product categories such as skincare, home-based biz ops merchants, nutritional supplements, and weight loss formulas all fall under the category of high-risk merchants. It isn’t necessarily just because of the nature of the goods. The high-risk classification also occurs because of the payment processing method. 

As the modern world becomes more digital, customers are starting to use mobile and other payment processing procedures. Point-of-sale is increasingly becoming a thing of the past, and eMerchant Authority offers all kinds of business opportunity merchant account solutions that make it easy for organizations to accept all the different kinds of modern payment methods. The support extends to anywhere the organization decides to set up a business!

Standard Merchant Accounts Can Be Shut Down!

A lot of the people that come to eMerchant Authority have had their merchant account closed down elsewhere. You have to remember that most merchant account providers will have terms that dictates that they can shut down your account the second that they deem you to be too much of a risk. PayPal and Stripe are notorious for this. If you have too many chargebacks, or these merchant accounts realize that you are working in a high-risk industry, then your account will be closed. There will be very little comeback to this. However, you will be left with the inability to process payments for your business. If your account has been closed down elsewhere, and you do not seek out an alternative merchant account, then you could lose your company.

Even worse many of these merchant accounts that shut down your payment processing will hold onto your funds for months at a time. This is to help cover them in the event of any chargebacks. So, not only will you have lost access to your payment account, but there is a massive chance that a lot of the money that your business has made will be held onto. It is no wonder that so many companies go bankrupt when their merchant accounts are gone.

How to Select a CBD Payment Processor

If you’re a high-risk business owner, you probably already know the struggle of finding a stable payment processor that will allow your customers to purchase your hemp-derived CBD products with their credit cards. Unfortunately, major banks and popular payment services don’t work with high-risk businesses due to the high chargeback rates, fraudulent transactions, and reputation. This is why the approval rate for CBD-related products is so low, and as a business owner, you find it challenging to grasp a secure payment processing company. 

This is when you need to dedicate your time to researching high-risk payment processors with experience in the field, high-quality customer service, low rates, and fraud protection. Accepting online payments can help you grow your business and expand internationally. Your next merchant processor should help you understand the regulatory requirements to avoid legal issues and provide a safe payment gateway

Ideally, you would choose a high-risk payment system before you even go to one of the ‘safe’ merchant companies that may close down your business. However, if that isn’t possible, you do need to be working with a team that can get you back up and running as soon as possible. That is what we here at eMerchant Authority do. We help those that may be setting up their first CBD company or those that have recently lost their merchant account and need to find a brand-new one to replace it as quickly as possible.

Since eMerchant Authority works with high-risk merchants on a daily basis, including those in the CBD industry, it means that you do not have to worry about huge holds being placed on your money or, worse, losing your account completely. We have a payment solution to suit every CBD merchant. It is what we do. We already understand the risks of the business, but we have decided to work with these merchants anyway. This is because we believe that every CBD company operating legally should be allowed to accept payments.

How We Can Benefit You

If you sign up to PayPal or Stripe right now, we are certain that you will be instantly verified for an account. The problem is that while you may be able to accept payments for a short period of time, it will eventually stop. In order for companies like PayPal and Stripe to make money, they want businesses to sign up as quickly as possible. After all, the quicker they make the process, the more money they can make. However, the job of these companies isn’t done as soon as sign-up is complete. Your account will go through an underwriting process to determine whether you are a risk. If they discover that you have CBD products for sale, then your account will be shut down. All money left in your account cannot be withdrawn for six-months.

There is no way around this. Every company that sells CBD products and accepts payments via PayPal and other similar services will eventually be closed down. It isn’t a question of if, it is a question of when.

Since you probably do not want to wake up every single day wondering whether that is the day you lose your merchant account, it is probably best to do things correctly at the start. This means contacting us here at eMerchant Authority. We can work with you to help get your merchant account set up and, no, we are not fussed if you sell CBD products. In fact, we welcome it with open arms

CBD Merchant Processing for CBD Companies

Laws in the United States related to the sale of products derived from the cannabis plant are strict. Your payments need to conform to certain regulations, otherwise you will be falling foul of the law. This can lead to hefty fines. Thankfully, when you work with eMerchant Authority, you will be working with a company that has experience and has designed processes to ensure that everything is completed ‘above board’.

Please do bear in mind that we can only work with those that sell CBD products. This means nothing that contains THC beyond the legal minimum. This is due to federal regulations.

CBD Merchant Processing

Why CBD Merchant Accounts Are Deemed to be High Risk

The main reason is because if you are selling online, then you automatically have a high risk. Anybody can type in any legal card number they want and make a purchase online. You do not meet the person physically. This means that almost every single online transaction carries a small degree of risk related to chargebacks. However, CBD is one of those industries where the risk of chargebacks due to fraud is even greater. Merchant account providers do not want to deal with this.

What you have to remember is that if a chargeback is made on a transaction, it is made against the merchant account. The merchant account provider will pay for the chargeback, and then they will ask you for the money. If you do not have the money, then the merchant account provider will have made a loss. Due to the larger number of chargebacks in the CBD industry, the risk on the merchant account provider is even greater. They do not like this and, as a result, most will steer clear of high-risk companies.

In addition to this, there are several legal processes in place that regulate how payments from CBD products are dealt with. Most payment processing solutions do not have these systems in place and, as a result, they steer clear of payments. It would be far too costly for them to implement a system like this.

A CBD merchant account is essential for any business that sells hemp-derived products, however, it’s essential to know the regulations in different states to avoid regulatory issues. In addition, since this is considered a high-risk merchant account, you have to find credit card processors that can advise you and offer you the best rates.

Hemp Merchant Accounts

If you sell hemp products and wish to open up a hemp merchant account today, then start your application here at eMerchant Authority.

Once you have started the application process, we endevour to complete it within 48-hours. This will allow us to analyze your business and choose the best merchant account package for you. Once everything is set-up, your company will be able to start accepting high-risk payments at a low fee, all without the risk of losing your business ‘overnight’.

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