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For all the numismatics out there, eMerchant Authority is among the premier payment processing experts for the sale and purchase of rare coins, metals, and collectibles. It allows any numismatic to create sustainable coins and collectibles merchant account set to accept potential payments.

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What Are The Requirements For A Coins and Collectibles Merchant Account?

As a business owner, you must prepare the typical mountain of paperwork and forms necessary when applying for a coin merchant account. However, aside from the strict requirements, you will also encounter difficulties with financial institution assessments.

By their very nature, a coins & collectibles merchant account fall under the classification of high risk due to a myriad of different reasons. As a result, finding suitable payment processing partners that you can rely on is a difficult task. Fortunately, eMerchant Authority excels at working with merchants that have a high-risk potential. 

Thanks to their connections with multiple banking partners that facilitate coins and collectibles merchant accounts, opening an account is super straightforward. It’s the same process as applying for payment processing with any organization that works with high-risk merchant accounts. 

One of the most significant issues that numismatics encounter is the coins and collectibles industry itself falls under the category of high-risk payments. One of the most significant contributors to this classification is the sale amount, which is usually significantly higher than the average. Additionally, factors such as the sale of fraudulent goods, high chargeback costs, and others also contribute to this classification.  

As a result, most traditional banks and payment processing services tend to avoid facilitating these payments. These services tend to operate strictly with low-risk payments and will not support any high-risk payments.

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How To Find Credit Card Processing For Coins And Collectibles Merchant Account?

A lot of numismatics fund their personal coin collections by setting up a business. Regardless of whether it’s a physical store or an online establishment, finding payment processing solutions is not an easy task. 

As mentioned above, most of the traditional banks and payment services don’t facilitate high-risk payments. What further compounds the issues that several business owners don’t even realize that payments regarding coins and collectibles fall under the high-risk category. 

These business owners tend to contact traditional banks and services who then initially facilitate their accounts. However, when it comes to the underwriting point, these organizations will claim that they can’t process these kinds of payments because of the type of business and high-risk nature. What happens then is that the payment remains pending for around 2-3 weeks. Then the account goes under review until it finally gets suspended.

eMerchant Authority can assist you in acquiring credit card processing for your business. We have partnered with a wide range of financial institutions to give you the best competitive rates in the market.

With the help of eMerchant, we will make sure you don’t get the short end of the contract. We have specialists who can give expert advice to ensure that you get the best deal from your payment gateway and credit card merchant coin account processors.

No Avoiding The High-Risk Nature

There’s no way around the fact the coin collecting industry has massive potential. Most of the items that are genuine and rare sell for hundreds and thousands of dollars. That alone is enough to quantify these payments as high-risk

The factor is then compounded by fraudulent business practices and excessive chargebacks. Despite the massive potential in the numismatic industry, there’s no working around the fact these payments are high risk.

Even when these businesses manage to find a credit card processor willing to make the payments, the traditional practice is to place a cap on the maximum single purchase amount. That puts the business at a significant disadvantage, as it could result in the loss of potentially lucrative sales because they simply can’t offer credit card processing for these payments. The best practice for numismatics businesses is to be thorough and discuss every single detail while opening a coins and collectible merchant account. 

These details include the maximum ticket price and make it clear to the credit card payment processor that it’s vital that the business is capable of processing single payments at high prices. Also, be aware that a numismatic company will get significantly higher chargebacks than other types of companies because of the high-risk nature.

What Factors Contribute Towards The High-Risk Nature?

Big Ticket Items

Whether business owners like it or not, coins and collectibles are big-ticket items that sell for hundreds and thousands of dollars. As a result, businesses are sure to encounter fraudulent individuals that attempt to get money for free big-ticket items. 

While certain clients may allow the occasional small ticket item to go, they’ll certainly apply for a chargeback on large ticket items. Due to the high-risk nature of the business and business-friendly return policies, clients often attempt to filing chargeback claims to avoid dealing with the return policy.

Disagreement on Worth

A lot of the time, collectors will disagree on the worth of certain items. There’s a possibility that the view on the price might even change after the initial purchase. In these circumstances, the client feels like their completely valid in applying for a chargeback. 

A lot of numismatic businesses fail to realize the high-risk nature of the business and often retain their stance when they encounter dissatisfied clients. By being lenient with their return policies, these businesses can altogether avoid the often-excessive chargeback costs that they encounter.


One thing that all numismatics agree upon is that the rarity of a coin will greatly increase its price. Rarity isn’t just dependent on the time as well; it takes into consideration a lot of other factors. These include the length of time the specific currency has spent in circulation, any potential minting error, or extravagant coin designs. Numismatics see the opportunity, and there have been several significant attempts at capturing market share in the lucrative rare coin market.  

Precious Metals

Metals fall under the category of precious depending upon their rarity as well. Traditionally, metals like gold, silver, and platinum are used as currency. Now these fall under the category of investment items.

Dealing with precious metals is considered high risk by traditional banks because it is an industry that is fraught with criminals and illegal activities. Crooks can easily launder their money by purchasing silver coins or gold coins to hide their ill-gotten wealth. Coins accounting is, therefore, not as simple as it seems.

We Offer Top Rated Merchant Account Solutions

Any numismatic that’s looking to start a business needs to find an adequate payment processor. When going to the wrong people, they have to jump through a number of different loopholes before they finally get payment approval. Traditional banks and payment processing services will only make things more difficult. 

That’s where eMerchant Authority comes in with our merchant account solutions. Any potential numismatics need to seek out their services and set up their payment processing in 3-5 business days! 

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