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What Are Continuity Billing Merchant Accounts?

There are several reasons to which continuity tbilling merchant accounts are categorized as high risk. The contention is that the high-risk factor obstructs you from finding a trustworthy partner for payment processing. But you’re in luck because eMerchant Authority’s specialty is to work with high-risk merchants. Several banking partners at our disposal can provide subscription/continuity billing services merchant account, specifically customized for your business needs. 

eMerchant Authority provides you with the best services to set up high-risk merchant accounts. We have worked with many continuity billing companies and enterprises to help them set up a custom merchant account. They have been successful in putting systems in place to sell subscriptions like journals and software. 

Use our fast application to get a custom tailored merchant account that fits your needs.

Continuity Billing & PAyment Processing

In the case of a new business that is ready to process payments for subscription services, a problem of frequent chargebacks arises. A chargeback is essentially a situation where a customer refuses to claim that he/she did, in fact, make the purchase. This is usually done by calling card companies who later charge the new business’ account. 

The customer may produce any reason for wanting a chargeback. This may include delivery issues, claimant misrecognition, defects in the product, or straight-up denial of making the purchase at all. 

However, in the case of subscription boxes managed by enterprises, most people claim that they never gave permission to process the billing. Hence they are wrongly charged. 

Whatever the reason may be, this complaint will automatically kickstart a lengthy process of returning the amount to the customer, which is essentially called the chargeback. The process is then mediated through the customer’s bank and your account provider. It may take a longer time to go through the whole process too. 

The process then includes several steps. The first one is the communication between you and your customer’s bank. Then, the amount that the customer claims is taken out of your bank account and kept in a limbo space of sorts. This happens until the claimant can fully prove that they did not approve of any transaction. If the case is proved in favor of the claimant/customer, the amount is automatically deposited to their account. 

However, the question arises whether or not you are given the authority to repeal this decision. In such cases, there is full liberty provided to a subscription box merchant to contest the decision to prove anything otherwise. In the case you confirm that the payment made was legitimate, you will get your amount back. Once again, as mentioned earlier, the whole process takes too much time and becomes a bit of a headache for most people. 

How Does Continuous Billing Work With A MErchant account?

That is an excellent question and can be asnwered in several ways:

 There is no prerequisite or condition on the customer to ask for a chargeback. She/he can file the complaint whenever they want, and they can come up with any reason. It will all be valid.   

 The whole ordeal of contesting a chargeback involves many technicalities such as the specifics of certain documents or certain numbers and names. The claimant can win the case simply based on your oversight. So, you should always be careful and diligent.

 If the claimant wins the case and successfully proves that they deserve the chargeback, then the cost of the case will be heavier on you than the customer since you have now lost literal money and the monetary value of whatever it is that you had sold. In fact, there may be extra fees attached, depending on your bank, for added transactions and processing. 

 The worst-case scenario is that you lose your continuity merchant account entirely. 

How We Help With Subscritpion Merchant Services

As mentioned earlier, your continuity merchant account can incur severe costs if there are too many chargebacks claimed on it. It may also lead to full termination of the account, especially when aggregate payment processors like Square or Paypal. The main problem with merchants using such aggregate payment processors is that the framework of these platforms does not favor the merchant at all. The processing is delayed, and it may not validate your account as having approved any payments at all. 

Mostly, the processing begins when you ask for the very first chargeback. Thus, the enterprise you own or manage becomes categorized as a ‘high-risk merchant.’ Hence, it may result in banks freezing your continuity merchant account ad infinitum. 

High-Risk Payment Processing

eMerchant Authority is one of the best firms that helps you process your high-risk payments. We usually have clients who request or are in need of a recurring bill merchant account. Thus, it becomes essential for you to begin your payment processing journey with a company that understands you. 

It is vital to make a note of all the details that involve payment processing. These details are pertinent to your enterprise’s specifics. The kinds of subscriptions offered by you will essentially pave the way for your high-risk placement on the charts. Specifics are super essential to delineate.

You need to make the distinctions between 15 day and 30 day payments and whether they are cycles or one-time payments. All the specifics should also be included in the contract writing process as you get your continuity merchant account. 

How To Open Your Continuity Billing Merchant Account

 You should look into several options to see which company best fits your needs. eMerchant Authority is an excellent choice if you make it. You should also stay super transparent with the information you require before setting up an account. Try to ask all the necessary questions and make sure to avoid vague answers. 

If you think a particular company is the right fit for you and your business, then you can go ahead with filling in the form and getting a quote. In any case, the experienced individuals at the eMerchant Authority are always ready to help you out through our services. It is much better to let professionals handle the payment processing part while you do the creative work. 

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