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If you’re looking for an organization that can help you with payment processing and to set up your Credit Monitoring Merchant Account, then the eMerchant Authority is the right company for you. With the best experts, it is a company held in tremendous regard when dealing with high-risk credit monitoring. 

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Credit Monitoring For Business

Credit monitoring for business refers to routinely checking a business credit file for any changes. The provider of this service will then notify the company of these changes so that they can verify whether they’re accurate or fraudulent.

There are many benefits of credit suite monitoring for businesses.

For starters, credit monitoring helps in merchant transaction monitoring which aids in reducing fraud and business identity theft. The service also constantly alerts you in case of any suspicious activity to your credit file. Besides, a credit monitoring service provider will also review your business credit scores and prepare timely credit reports if you’re trying to get a business loan.

What Is A Credit Monitoring Merchant Account?

A credit monitoring merchant account is a bank account that gives the opportunity for businesses that offer credit monitoring services to accept and process electronic payments. A merchant account is a crucial aspect of your credit monitoring business operations as it allows you to accept and process credit and debit cards from your customers.

Unfortunately, most merchant account providers don’t offer merchant services to businesses that provide credit monitoring services as they consider them high risk. The good news is that at eMerchant Authority, we offer affordable and reliable credit merchant monitoring accounts so you can keep offering business credit monitoring services to your customers.

Why Do You Need A Credit Monitoring Merchant Account?

When it comes to payment processing, it is often quite challenging to find a company that can foster a mutually beneficial relationship with your business. This is because most credit monitoring merchant accounts are categorized to be high risk

This claim has several forthcoming reasons. However, eMerchant Authority is a company that has enough experience to help you securely open up a credit monitoring merchant account with their many banking affiliations. 

Entrepreneurs need to have safe channels to keep a check on their credit scores. This is because credit scores are to be checked frequently since they change very often, between the span of months. 

Credit scores constitute many things, including a business owner’s monthly credit and how frequently they make payments. Hence, it is possible to be charged for these services regularly. Therefore, credit monitoring becomes a very sensitive task to encounter. 

eMerchant Authority is a company that seeks to uphold that sensitivity and manage your credit monitoring account carefully. Thus, this service will essentially pave the way for your clients to be sure of all their credit scores and histories. Other things include negative changes, potential discrepancies, preventing identity theft, and thoroughness in credit reporting. 

Furthermore, such provision could result in a more considerable number of billings where a membership becomes necessary. Consequently, depending on the way you choose to approach billings could also decide the ranking of your credit monitoring merchant account, whether it’s high risk or low risk. 

Use our fast application to get a custom tailored merchant account that fits your needs.

What If Your Past Merchant Account Has Been Shut Down?

If your enterprise starts to take in lots of payments through a membership-based billing system, there could also be a potential threat of larger amounts of chargeback claims. A chargeback is essentially a situation where a customer refuses to claim that he/she did, in fact, make the purchase. This is usually done through calling their debit or credit card companies, who later charge the new business account. 

The customer may produce any reason for wanting a chargeback. This may include delivery issues, claimant misrecognition, defects in the product, or straight-up denial of making the purchase at all. 

However, in credit monitoring merchant accounts, most people claim that they never gave permission to process the billing. Hence, they are wrongly charged. 

Whatever the reason may be, this complaint will automatically kickstart a lengthy process of returning the amount to the customer, which is essentially called the chargeback. The process is then mediated through the customer’s bank and your account provider. It may take a longer time to go through the whole process too. 

The process then includes several steps. The first one is the communication between you and your customer’s bank. Then, the amount that the customer claims is taken out of your bank account and kept in a limbo space of sorts. This happens until the claimant can fully prove that they did not approve of any transaction. If the case is proved in favor of the claimant/customer, the amount is automatically deposited to their account. 

However, the question arises, whether or not you are given the authority to repeal this decision. In such cases, there is full liberty provided to you to contest the decision to prove anything otherwise. In the case you prove that the payment made was legitimate, you will get your amount back. Once again, as mentioned earlier, the whole process takes too much time and becomes a bit of a headache for most people. 

Credit Monitoring Merchant Accounts are High Risk

It is always the high-risk enterprises that need to have secure payment processing partners. Companies that provide that partnership are the ones that will help you process payments since they are there to provide solutions to the problems your particular business is facing. 

eMerchant Authority is a great option to choose as a partner. We are a company that prides itself on being one of the best. Thus, such high-risk payment processing companies will essentially help you with liabilities and risks that come with being a high-risk merchant company. 

Mostly it is the enterprise that sells its products based on a continuity billing model that faces severe issues of chargebacks. Almost all of these enterprises have a credit monitoring merchant account. 

Because of technical issues such as automatic payments being made from the clients part simply because they had subscribed to a payment model, even if they didn’t consent to a particular payment. This may cause chargebacks, and an influx would render your account invalid or terminated forever.

What About Credit Consolidation, Is It the Same?

Yes, they are the same.  One of the most pertinent reasons for assuring that the credit consolidation merchant account you have is valid, is so that your account doesn’t shut down. 

Banks hold the authority to terminate your account or keep your funds. Thus, it may cause issues in your daily transactions with buying and selling, and your cash flows may halt entirely. In fact, all the payments that the customers made before receiving the products may also be held by banking institutions. 

Below are the reasons why credit monitoring merchants accounts are often termed as high risk:

Business Consulting Merchants

Allegations of Fraud

Mobile Payment Solutions

High Priced Products

Traditional Marketing

Unhappy Customers

Recurring Billing Merchant Account

Continuity Billing Model

It’s not entirely bad to be a high-risk merchant. Simply due to lack of financing, you cannot be discarded from acquiring a credit monitoring merchant account. For companies like eMerchant Authority, it is easy to go through helping you make this account.  

How Can eMerchant Authority Help Me Get My Credit Monitoring Merchant Account?

It can be very plausible that your account gets accepted as soon as you apply. However, in another case, if your application goes through a heavy review, they can also tell you that your account has not been accepted. Thus, they can also shut it down entirely and remove you from their site and/or keep your account in holding. In such a case, you cannot process your payments through this channel. 

It is a prevalent issue with many companies that they find it difficult to find an appropriate payment processor. However, through companies like eMerchant Authority, who have a team of experts available at all times, you can navigate the process easily. We can help you set up your accounts and have your credit monitoring merchant account ready for operations. 

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