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Merchant Account For Credit Repair Business

Nowadays, more and more people are opting to utilize credit repair services in a bid to help get their financial life back on track. If your business offers services like this, then you are offering a tremendously helpful service. The problem is that you are also working in a high-risk industry. When you offer credit repair services, the risk of chargebacks is incredibly high. After all, you will be dealing with people that already have a habit of mismanagement of their money. As a result, it can be difficult to track down a merchant account to process payments. Most banks will not want to deal with you.

The reason why banks do not deal with those with high-risk accounts is because if there is a huge chargeback, or regular chargebacks, then their merchant accounts will be the one absorbing the risk. If they cannot reclaim their funds from the seller, then the bank will need to pay for the chargeback out of their own pocket. This is why companies such as PayPal and traditional banks will refuse to work with high-risk companies.

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Why Do You Need A Merchant Account For Credit Repair Business

Having poor credit is one of the biggest issues for most businesses. Bad credit means not being able to get financial support from banks or apply for loans. Even if these businesses apply for loans, it’s very unlikely to get one. This is why many people decide to turn to businesses that offer credit repair. Poor financial decisions, planning, or mistakes don’t have to be forever. Finding a company that can change bits of your credit history means that you’ll have higher chances of getting financial support and starting your success story. Eventually, you can turn your credit from good to bad and create a reputable business. 

Credit repair companies fix your bad credit and help you increase your chances of getting a loan. This is a huge industry worth over $4 billion; however, banks still consider these companies high-risk businesses. Why does that happen? Unfortunately, credit repair is connected to high chargeback ratios, late payments, and frequent fraudulent transactions. Banks don’t want to deal with these situations, so they simply decide not to allow accounts for these businesses. In addition, popular services like PayPal, Square, and Stripe will also likely decline your transactions, so you’ll have to seek other solutions for credit repair payments. 

If you work in the credit repair industry, you’re probably aware that you’re considered a high-risk business. Even reputable credit card repair businesses are high-risk due to the high chargeback potential, fraudulent transactions, etc. As a result, these business owners find it hard to receive payments, which means they lose clients and money by the day. 

Most financial institutions avoid working with high-risk businesses, so credit repair professionals have to find other ways to receive their payments. So before you jump to the first credit card processors you see, you have to learn why you need this account and how to find the right processor. 

As a credit repair business owner, you’re probably aware that many of your clients want to pay for your services with their credit cards. The reality is that no one uses cash anymore, so not having a way to accept online payments can be a huge blow to your business. Most of the companies in this industry offer online credit repair services, meaning that the customers have to pay using their credit or debit card. Once you allow digital payments, your audience can grow, and more people can use your services. 

How To Find The Best Credit Repair Account Processor

When looking for a high-risk merchant account provider, you have to be very careful with the choice. Considering that banks aren’t an option for these business owners, you have to look for an excellent high-risk merchant account provider. If you want to avoid unnecessary risks you first need to get familiar with the credit repair rules, then search for an experienced provider that’s dealt with similar accounts before. 

Although traditional financial institutions aren’t an option, that doesn’t mean that you should rush to the first merchant account provider you read about. Instead, you should only opt for a reputable company with extensive experience with high-risk accounts, especially credit repair. 

One of the most important factors is finding a processor that offers competitive rates. Since you need to open a merchant account for credit repair company, which is considered high-risk, you should be aware that the rates can be higher than a regular account. However, you can still find a processor with decent rates and high expertise. 

 The next factor to keep in mind is that the company you’ll choose should have a team of professionals that will advise you on what’s best for your business. They should also have a customer support team to answer all your questions. Unfortunately, there are many rules and regulations that you might not be familiar with, therefore, finding someone experienced means a lot. 

How We Can Help You Open A Credit Repair Merchant Account

eMerchant Authority are the high-risk merchant account specialists. 

Here at eMerchant Authority, we have built a number of tools that can help to identify potential fraud in transactions. We can also help to identify when there may be a high risk of a chargeback. This means that you won’t be accepting risky payments, and thus your chances of receiving chargebacks will shoot down. This is beneficial to both you, and to your merchant account. It helps to keep fees low, while at the same time ensuring that your business can continue to run. 

Our experience also ensures that we can track down the perfect merchant account for your credit repair company. Our connections mean that we can negotiate with our providers to ensure that your chances of being accepted for a merchant account are high and that the fee for the services are kept as low as possible.

Due to our specialization in high-risk accounts, when you work with us, you do not have to head into work each day with the dread that your business will lose its ability to process payments. As long as you stick within the terms and conditions of our business, then we really would enjoy working with you.

Of course, we also provide you with a wealth of tools that you can utilize in order to keep tabs on your payments and generate reports. Not only are we helping you to save money on your card processing fees but we also make your accounting a little bit easier.

If you are interested in starting the application process for a credit repair merchant account, then feel free to get in touch with us here at eMerchant Authority today. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. Of course, we are also there to ensure that the process of getting your account set-up is made as simple as possible. We are there for you. Always. 

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