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Your dating site is helping people find their perfect romantic match, but you might be struggling to find your perfect match when it comes to your dating service’s merchant account. With eMerchant Authority you won’t have to worry about how your business is going to process payment. Give us a call today and we will set you up with the right merchant account in as little as 5 business days.

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The Right Merchant Account For Your Dating Service

If you’re searching for the right merchant account to handle credit card processing for dating sites then you have come to the right place. eMerchant Authority is the leading company in the industry for handling high risk merchant accounts. Our experts will match your account needs with the right payment processing for your company. With eMerchant Authority your high risk business can still receive the same rate and opportunities as companies that are considered low risk. 

When it comes to dating services, this business is filled with different styles. Whether your dating service is open to everyone, or focuses on a particular niche (such as age range, religion, hobby orientated, etc.) we can still find the right payment processing for your dating service.

We offer a variety of services for every type of dating business, including:

Adult Content Websites

Dating For Seniors (65+)

LGBTQ Matchmaking

Location Based Dating Services

Culture Specific Dating Services

Your service is here to help others find love, and eMerchant Authority will be there to make sure you find a payment processing service that you love.

How Come Dating Services Are Considered High Risk?

When your clients set up their online dating profile they will fill out their information and make a payment online with their credit card. That payment will be processed through a dating payment gateway. This gateway tool is what exchanges the information from your website to different accounts. 

Usually once the information is in there everything happens in the background, which helps keep everything running smoothly without having to chase the clients for payments. Unfortunately, if there’s ever a mishap a chargeback could occur. There are many different reasons why a chargeback could occur, and if they occur often then your business could be deemed high risk.

The most common reason a chargeback will occur for a dating service is “failure to deliver”. This makes sense because even the best matchmaker in the world can’t guarantee a person will find love. They paid for a service and didn’t recieve it, so you can understand why they would want their money back. 

One situation that happens often for dating services are disputes from married people. When a spouse is caught using a dating service by their wife or husband it is highly unlikely that they will tell the truth. What they usually do is start telling more lies to cover their tracks. They may claim that the charges to the dating site were false and deny their involvement with it. This is when they start filing false charges.

However, the biggest reason that a dating service is considered high risk actually has nothing to do with their clients wanting their money back. There have been a lot of cases where the dating service is just a front for something else. In most situations it’s an illegal business, such as prostitution or money laundering. If your business is honest then the bank or credit card processing company will discover that with a background check of your website. 

What You’ll Need to Apply for an Online Dating Merchant Account

At eMerchant Authority, we are here to help you access the best merchant account services for dating sites.

However, to access these payment processing solutions, you’ll need to fill out an online dating merchant account application form. And although we will help you with the application process, you’ll also need to provide some documents to make the process smooth sailing.

So, here’s what you should have with you before you apply for a dating merchant account.

  • An identification document – This may be an identification card or a driver’s license meant for identification purposes.
  • Incorporation certificate – The incorporation certificate shows that you’re operating a legal online dating service business. This certificate also has important business information such as your company’s name, address, and date of incorporation.
  • Your business processing history – This includes your company’s sales volume for the last six months, number of transactions, and the chargeback rates.
  • Three months banking statement – Due to the high-risk nature of the online dating business, you’ll be required to provide bank statements for the last three months. You may also be asked for other financial records to verify that your business is in good financial standing.
  • Bank letter or a voided check – A voided check helps verify your banking details as it has your bank account routing and account number. If you have just started a business in the online dating industry, you may not have a voided check. In such a case, you can request a letter from your bank that has your account details.
  • Any other requested document – During the application process, you may be asked to provide other documents related to your business. We advise that you provide such documents when requested to speed up the verification of your high-risk merchant account.

Why You Need The Right Credit Card Processing For Dating Sites

The profits for dating websites just keep going up. In 2017, they made over $415 million and things are only getting better. People are having a much easier time finding a reliable partner on dating sites then they are through social situations. If your dating site has been considered high risk by the bank then you may have trouble getting the right payment processing services to make the money you should be getting.

With eMerchant Authority you can get secure payment processing services to help your business reach its full potential. You won’t have to worry about sky high rates or frozen accounts anymore. Dating services often have trouble with companies like Paypal and Stripe because they initially approve their application, only to later terminate any accounts they discover are dating sites later. When your application is approved at eMerchant Authority you can be reassured that we want to help you for as long as we can.

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