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eMerchant Authority specializes in helping lawyers, accounts, and other document preparation services setting up their merchant services. We make sure your firm’s document preparation merchant account gets approved as quickly as possible.

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Many law firms and other businesses that deal with document preparation have merchant accounts that are high risk. Often payment processing times can be slow, but Merchant Authority provides the fastest payment processing services for these accounts. They specialize in making sure your firm’s document preparation merchant account gets approved quickly. 

Law firms can make a very good profit from document preparation. There are many different services a law firm can offer document preparation for, such as:

Subscription Boxes

Will Preparation

Merchant Account Statement

Divorce Paperwork

Multiple Bank Merchant Solutions

Certified Bankruptcy & More…

When it comes to legal documents there are a lot more regulations in place. This may cause your firm to be considered high risk, which could slow down your payment processing time with other merchant services.

What Makes Document Preparation High Risk?

Businesses often face a lot of complications with document preparation and the laws surrounding it. Each type of document has its own set of rules and regulations. This causes a higher risk of getting hit with a legal concern or even a chargeback, which is why a lot of banks won’t want to deal with these companies. 

A lot of times people will contact the law firm for help dealing with a financial matter. Since the client is already considered high risk financially, the law firms often have difficulty finding a secure document preparation merchant service. It’s not just the client that banks consider high risk, there are other factors that could have your law firm red-flagged.

Mail Order & Telephone Payments

A lot of lawyers will send their clients a bill in the mail and the client will either mail them a check or make the payment by phone. Paying the bill in person is considered the most secure way to make a payment. The client usually isn’t physically present at the law firm to make the payment, which is why these types of payments are considered high risk. 

Some Clients Can't Pay

Legal fees are usually very expensive. Over the course of a project, the lawyer bills their client for the time spent working on it. The trouble comes from when a client is facing financially difficulties and can’t come up with the funds to pay their bill. When this happens a client is likely to file a dispute to have their bill lowered or to get out of it completely. 

Providing A Service

When it comes to providing a client with a service, the client can often hold back on their payment by saying the service was performed poorly or not performed at all. This makes it difficult for the firm when they are trying to collect their payment. 

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eMerchant Authority is the leader in merchant processing for businesses of all sizes. We cater from medium to large establishments that would like to include POS systems and cashless payment transactions for their client's convenience. We also support new businesses, start-ups, and even high-risk merchants, so they can provide their customers with a secure and seamless shopping experience. Because customer satisfaction is also what we aim for.

Our services come at competitive rates, and we offer flexible payment solutions that are easy on the budget. Because we understand how financially difficult it is to be a business owner.

No cost surcharge and low-cost processing options. Latest hardware including Clover systems at unbeatable prices. We offer the perfect solution to all your retail payment system needs. Here are the unmatched benefits that you will receive when you apply for a retail merchant account with eMerchant Authority:

Merchant Processing

Merchant Account Experts

20+ Proven Bank Relationships
Medium/High Risk Accounts
Fast Merchant Account Approval
E-Commerce & Retail Options
B2B Vendors Supported

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Chargeback Prevention
ACH, E-Check, Credit Cards
B2B Level 2/3 Data Discounts
3D Secure Frictionless Checkout
Mobile Payments
EMV Readers

Merchant Processing Technology

Intuitive Technology & Support

Gateway Recurring Billing
E-Commerce Cart Plugins
International Merchant Accounts
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