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Do You Know About E-Cig Merchant Accounts?

While you host an online platform, you need to find electronic cigarette solutions that best fit your business. But definitely, it goes without saying – it isn’t easy to find one!

E-Cigarette merchant accounts are believed to be high-risk and hence a tough job to find payment processing solutions. No doubt that the e-cig industry is smoking hot these days but also places itself into a gray area along with many other payment processing companies. The effective way to increase your market value within this million-dollar vaping industry is by improving your online presence.

eMerchant Authority offers you various options to make your e-cig merchant account and that too in less than 48 hours. Our experience in the e-cig industry enables us to understand the terms and conditions that are necessary for setting up an e-cig merchant account and effective payment processing. With our services across multiple industries, including tobacco shops, electronic cigarettes, and vape juice, we continue to offer our excellence in providing the best-paying processing solutions. We ensure that your business is financially stable and has genuine payment processing (accepting credit and debit card payments)

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How Do e-Cigarette Businesses Work?

It isn’t easy for businesses in the e-cigarette industry to get credit card transactions processed just like that. For a long time to date, traditional banks consider the electronic cigarette industry and related businesses to be high-risk, therefore making it difficult for them to find reliable and affordable payment solutions.

Let’s take it this way; you have a smoke shop, and since you chose to go by alternative routes, you ended up with the wrong high-risk merchant account provider for your business. What awaits next? Well, because you were unable to avoid the odds of your merchant account being ceased, that is exactly your destination you will land in.

In this case, the financial institutions will close your vape merchant account services and seize your funds with no prior warnings. It leaves your business in a devastated state where you won’t be able to trade your products, and the cash flow stops. Additionally, your existing finances are also seized hold of by the bank until any further notice.

To keep away from such situations, you should choose an appropriate merchant service provider for your business. Click here to know further about high-risk merchant accounts.

E-Cig Merchant Account FAQs

Can eMerchant Authority Help Me With My Electronic Cigarette Merchant Account?

Of course, eMerchant Authority will facilitate your business with the best e-cig merchant account services. But, few things that need to be taken into account while selecting the right merchant service provider company are that they fulfill your credit card processing needs and support the E-Cigarette business. Since traditional banks deem high-risk business right away and support low-risk businesses, therefore, you will have to put in efforts to find companies like eMerchant Authority that presents you with the e-cig merchant accounts option.

Why Are E-Cigarettes High Risk?

The FDA ordinance and the escalating health concerns of e-cigarettes and vaping to minimizing access of these products to minors contribute a lot to why the e-cig industry is labeled as a high-risk business. Therefore, you will have to explore for the best company options that deal with high-risk businesses, as well as are well-aware of the protocols required for opening up a vape merchant account.

How Do Companies Deal With High-Risk Business?

This is quite basic! Companies with a comprehensive understanding and years of experience in the e-cig industry, like eMerchant Authority, can get your business approved effortlessly.

While the conventional banks are limited to serve low-risk organizations, it is recommended for you not to waste any more of your time or invest your energy running against those banks for merchant account services. Instead, research the best go-to options and work with the company that believes in providing you with a consistent process of obtaining an e-cig merchant account.

Do High-Risk Businesses Lessen Your Chances to Get An E-Cig Merchant Account?

While many factors can negatively influence your business, the prime reason out of all is that traditional banks do not approve payment processing for high-risk businesses. Hence, you will have to look out for companies that work specifically with high-risk merchant accounts.

Wonder why it might be so? The answer is really simple! Traditional banks and payment processors such as PayPal, Square, and Square simply do not approve businesses that are regarded as high-risk, unlike those working in the electronic cigarette industry. Although it might sound like a big struggle for you, in reality, it isn’t. All you need to do is make conscious choices for a merchant service provider company that works closely with merchants in high-risk businesses.

How Do e-Cigarette Businesses Work?

In a nutshell, traditional financial institutions do not deal with businesses that support electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, or require an e-cigarette merchant account because they consider it a risk to their reputation to be associated with such high-risk organizations.

If your business needs e-cig solutions, we can have you set up in as little as five(5) days. At eMerchant Authority, we keep things simple and transparent with our clients. With our aid, you can get your e-cigarette merchant account by starting the merchant account application above.

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