Why You Need A Fantasy Sports Merchant Account

The universe of fantasy sports is more expansive than ever. We work with high-risk merchant account needs for fantasy sports businesses working with fantasy football, baseball, hockey, basketball, racing, or college football. Businesses in this field can be extremely successful, but only if they are utilizing all of their professional tools.

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Meeting The Rapid Demands of Fantasy Sports

Part of those professional tools involves having a comprehensive Fantasy Sports Merchant Account. This also means trusting that need to a company with considerable experience in payment processing and other components to this fast-paced, consistently challenging business.

If you’re new to this business, your first question might be “What do I need to be successful?” It begins with knowing the importance of fast, streamlined, and endlessly secure processes for managing your payments and similar matters.

A high-risk merchant account is essential for working successfully in fantasy sports. However, this needs to come from a company that knows and meets the other complex needs involved in working as a fantasy sports merchant. That is where eMerchant Authority can help.

Use our fast application to get a custom tailored merchant account that fits your needs.

Payment Processing, and More, For Fantasy Sports

When you begin to see a growing interesting in doing something with your fantasy sports efforts, your mind begins to swirl at the possibilities. Imagine being able to take bets, make payments, accept those who want to bring their fantasy teams to your league. These are just some of the possibilities that can be explored with as a fantasy sports merchant.

This isn’t even something you need to devote all of your time, too. Many of those billions of dollars we mentioned come from people who manage these interests in their spare time. This is a great example of how something you are genuinely interested in can become an entity capable of generating legitimate income.

Unfortunately, due to high payment volumes, as well as other matters, many fantasy sports merchants find it difficult to get their foot in the door. This is particularly true with respect to payment processing. A Fantasy Sports Merchant Account from a reliable source can keep you protected in every possible way. You will be left to focus on the things about fantasy sports and fantasy sports betting that actually interest you!

Do I Really Need A High-Risk Fantasy Sports Merchant Account

A provider of high-risk merchant accounts ensures one thing above all else. It guarantees that you’re going to have someone in your corner to prevent issues with payment processing and more from causing interruptions to your business endeavors. Yes, this is something that can actually happen.

Indeed, too many who work in the thrilling world of fantasy sports find their efforts being completely undone by sudden account freezing through companies like PayPal. Why? Because these companies and others see the industry as high-risk. Once you hit a certain threshold for how that risk is perceived, you are going to find yourself getting frozen or completely shut down again and again.

While this can naturally be frustrating, you shouldn’t simply give up. A Fantasy Sports Merchant Account built around your high-risk needs and considerations can make it possible to avoid any significant hiccups in comprehensive, straightforward payment processing. Anything less than this degree of protection is quite frankly a waste of your time and energy.

Exploring The Benefits of High-Risk Fantasy Sports Credit Card Processing

While fantasy sports can be a ton of fun, it is not without certain headaches and challenges. One of the biggest in this particular regard would be charge-backs. This is one of the biggest reasons as to why companies like PayPal consider fantasy sports merchants are considered to be high-risk in the first place, as well.

Many believe in playing and betting fairly. Unfortunately, some simply will not. They will demand satisfaction in this regard, and it will be up to the fantasy sports merchant to make good. A straightforward payment processing system in place can alleviate this issue on many levels. Most importantly, it eliminates the potential for a merchant being considered high risk.

Why Open A Fantasy Sports Merchant Account

If you’re a part of the fantasy sports industry and are looking to start a business, this is the best time to do it. This might be one of the high-risk industries, but it’s worth more than $22 billion. However, if you want to become a merchant, you’ll need to start an account and start selling your services online. Unfortunately, since this is considered online gambling, you will find it difficult to open an account and use it for a long time. 

First, let’s see why you need this account. If you want to receive payments from customers for your services/products, you need to have an account. Since banks aren’t the best option, in this case, you have to find an excellent processor. This is the only way you can receive credit card payments and earn money. Many merchants open bank accounts and use them for a while. However, once the chargebacks start to happen, the bank or services like PayPal will close the account. You can be left without any money or spend months sending disputes without any answer. 

As we already mentioned, one of the biggest issues with this business is that banks and other financial services such as PayPal avoid creating accounts. This happens due to excessive chargebacks and potentially fraudulent activities. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do than look for different payment processing solutions. Many processors will promise to take care of all your problems, but most of them don’t have experience with high-risk businesses

If you don’t offer online payment methods for your customers, there is no other way to do business. Since your entire job depends on people buying your services online with their cards, the only thing you can do is research good payment processors. Fantasy sports merchant processing is a broad topic with various regulations; therefore, you should pick the right team to help you. 

The processor you’ll choose should offer expert advice, have experience with high-risk merchants, and offer competitive rates. You should also take a look at your needs and the type of services you offer. For example, do you only work with forecasting, or do you also give sports advice? eMerchant Authority has a team of experts that are available for you at any time, so you can get in touch and get answers to your questions. You can also fill out an application online and wait for a response. 

The process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. All you have to do is prepare your documentation, be honest, and discuss your needs. 

The Importance Of Properly Underwriting Your Fantasy Sports Merchant Goals

Remember that the merchant is not responsible for the chargeback on a credit card. For this reason alone, banks and other companies involved in processing secure payments are going to balk at the notion of supporting your endeavors. Many different types of online merchants run into this issue, and it is certainly something you are going to need to keep in mind on your own.

A Fantasy Sports Merchant Account from eMerchant Authority covers the high-risk side of things. This avoids the troublesome demands of finding banks and other financial institutions to support your need for payment processing. This in turn means being able to grow your merchant efforts as you see fit.

Indeed, with the right company in your corner, you could find yourself standing between a part-time and full-time vocation. If this is a route you are curious about, our expertise and professional relationships at eMerchant Authority can ensure you will have the necessary resources for success.

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