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eMerchant Authority is the perfect solution for you. We have designed a number of packages for those that run gun dealerships. This means that we offer NRA Endorsed credit card processing services.

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Do You Need A Firerarms Merchant Account?

If you run any business, then you need a merchant account. This is vital for handling payments. It can be a little bit difficult to find a quality firearms merchant account for a gun dealership, though. This is because many companies have opted to steer clear of the firearms business. A gun dealership, for instance, wouldn’t be able to work with companies like PayPal if they are selling anything related to guns. Thankfully, the NRA maintains a list of companies that are more than happy to deal with credit card processing for gun dealerships.

Use our fast application to get a custom tailored merchant account that fits your needs.

Why Choose Firearms Merchant Services Over Standard Ones

Getting a firearm merchant services provider is hard. Most providers are unwilling to offer firearms payment processing services because of the legal and regulatory issues associated with the sale of firearms.

Additionally, getting your firearm credit card processing account approved can be another time-consuming process. This is because the application and underwriting process for firearm merchant accounts is longer compared to that of other low-risk accounts.  

Due to such issues, some gun merchants will choose to use standard payment processors instead of firearm merchant accounts, despite the risks involved.

Notably, if you’re a gun dealer, you’re better off using a gun-friendly merchant account than a standard account.  

With a firearm merchant processing account, you’ll comfortably run your business and you won’t experience the below problems that most gun dealers using standard merchant accounts face.

  • Frozen account – Once your credit card processing company discovers that you’re using your merchant account to process gun sales, they’ll freeze your account.
  • Inability to access funds – A frozen account also means your funds will be inaccessible. Since the account will be frozen without warning, you won’t have time to access the revenue earned from past online sales until the freeze is lifted, which can take as long as six months.
  • Loss of revenue – Once your account is frozen, you’ll lose out on potential business and gun sales. Besides, your credit and debit card customers will no longer be able to make payments using the merchant account, which can slow down your business.
  • Account termination – Account termination will occur because you’ll have broken the terms of service. Once your credit card processing company terminates your account, you’ll need to go through another long application process to open another account with a new provider.

To avoid the above hiccups, choose a gun-friendly payment processor such as EMerchant Authority.

Why Do you need ‘NRA’ Endorced Credit Card Processing?

Companies like eMerchant authority retain the full endorsement of the National Rifle Association. This means that not only have we been vetted for the quality of our merchant account services, but we have been vetted to ensure that we will work with gun dealerships. Businesses can trust us.

Due to the inherently risky nature of offering credit card processing services in the firearms industry, our application process has been designed to ensure that we work with only the most reputable of dealers.

Before you apply for NRA Endorsed credit card processing with eMerchant Authority, you will need to have applied for your Federal Firearms License (FFL). Without this, you are not legally allowed to sell anything related to guns in the United States. Of course, even once you have obtained this license and have proved that you are a reputable seller, you will still find that many merchant accounts are not willing to deal with you. This is where the team here at eMerchant Authority comes in.

Credit Card Processing for ‘FFL Holders’

The only companies willing to offer merchant accounts to those with an FFL will be those that specialize in high-risk businesses. Luckily, this is something that will work to the advantage of a business owner.

Companies that specialize in high-risk businesses will know the pitfalls of certain industries. This means that they will have developed several processes that can help to keep the risk to the absolute minimum. They can also share knowledge with their clients to help reduce this risk even further. By reducing the risk, the cost of processing credit card payments for high-risk businesses, including gun dealerships, can be kept to the minimum. 

Our job here at eMerchant Authority is to help you to find the perfect NRA endorsed credit card processing solution for your business. We can help to ensure that you receive the best possible deal on your merchant account, which will increase the amount of profit you can make per sale. 

The Difficulty of Finding A Credit Card Processor For Gun Dealerships

Due to the huge amount of legislation surrounding the gun business in the United States, most standard credit card payment solutions will not deal with gun dealerships. They do not understand the industry and, quite often, the risk is going to be far greater than the reward. They are not willing to put the processes in place to ensure that they conform to federal laws. After all, gun dealerships will be such a small proportion of their business that it would make no sense.

The main issue for most merchant accounts is that they need to have a special underwriting process put into place. Federal law in the United States requires that all transactions are underwritten to ensure that the sale is legal. Standard merchant accounts cannot do this. They cannot vet every single sale and, since they cannot do this, there will be huge penalties if something went wrong with the transaction.

If you somehow managed to create an account with a company like PayPal, it wouldn’t be long before your account is closed. They may even put a hold on your funds to help cover any risk on their part. This isn’t ideal if you are running a small business. Luckily, as a gun dealership, you won’t have to go anywhere near PayPal, assuming you have found an NRA endorsed merchant account.

Here at eMerchant Authority, we have a wealth of experience in dealing with merchant accounts for high-risk vendors like yourself. We know that every firearm business is different, which is why we can come up with a solution that is completely custom to you and the FFL license that you hold.

Why Holding a ‘FFL License’ Makes Your Business High-Risk

When dealing with sales in the firearms industry, the onus is on both the seller and the merchant account to ensure that all sales are conducted in a legal manner. Unlike other businesses, it isn’t a case of accepting payment and calling it a day. There are several processes in place to ensure that the transaction is both safe and legal. As we mentioned before; most merchant account providers do not want to deal with that part of the process. 

When you are a business owner, particularly a high-risk business owner, it is important to understand that choosing the correct merchant account at the start is vital. If you are not working with an NRA endorsed merchant account, then you could lose your business overnight. This is why we here at eMerchant Authority want to work with you to find the perfect high-risk merchant account for your business.

We are specialists in tracking down high-risk merchant accounts for firearm businesses of all sizes. Our understanding of this industry, and the depth of the companies that we work with, ensures that any solution that we do find is custom-suited for your company. If you have worked with other companies like ours and failed to find a decent merchant account for your business, we are confident that we can help. 

The Emerchant Authority Solution for Gun Dealerships

We know that you want to start making money from your business as soon as possible. However, we also know that you will want to ensure that it is done in a way that ensures that your business conforms to any federal legislation. Due to the wealth of experience that eMerchant Authority has in this industry, we can ensure that the process is completed as quickly and as smoothly as possible. 

All of our staff are fully trained to deal with the pitfalls of the firearms industry. We are constantly refining our processes to ensure that we stay on top of things. This makes it simple for our staff to help you to find the perfect debit and credit card processing solution. We can work with companies of all sizes. While many of our clients sell firearms, ammo, and accessories online, this is not the only business that we can cater for. We can also provide retail merchant accounts. This will allow your company to accept payment in-store, over the telephone, or even at trade shows. 

How We Make Merchant PRocessing Simple

Since our entire business has been based around payment processing for high-risk merchants like firearms dealers, we have been able to completely streamline the application process. It doesn’t matter whether you have been in the business for a few months or have been in the business for decades, our process ensures that we can find a solution that is perfect for you.

We make it simple to integrate your merchant account with your business. If you have an existing website in the firearms industry, then we offer an eCommerce cart plugin that will allow you to start accepting payments the second you have been approved for your merchant account. Our solutions are trusted by customers in the firearms industry, which will help to increase your conversion rate.

We provide a wealth of tools and resources to make the management of your merchant account as simple as possible. You will also be assigned a dedicated account manager. They are there to answer any questions that you may have, as well as ensure that your application is completed as smoothly as possible. 

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