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According to recent statistics, the gentlemen’s clubs industry’s market size in the USA is estimated to be around $7.4bn.

Unfortunately, despite this industry being so massive, it’s categorized as high-risk by debit and credit card processors. This means that it’s nearly impossible for nightclub owners to get a nightclub merchant account from traditional financial institutions and payment processors.

Gentlemen’s clubs, just like other businesses that provide adult entertainment, are classified as high-risk because of their high closure rate.  Another problematic thing is that gentlemen’s clubs, sports bars, and other nightclub businesses must adhere to numerous adult entertainment laws and regulations to remain in business.

Also, gentlemen’s clubs have high chargebacks that are mostly caused by friendly fraud. Friendly fraud chargebacks occur when customers who are already billed call their credit card processors to reverse the transaction or to report it as fraudulent.

Besides, being in the adult entertainment or nightclub industry means your business has a reputational risk due to the social stigma associated with such businesses. As a result, most banks and payment processors are a bit hesitant when it comes to offering bar and nightclub merchant services.

So, if you’re new to the industry and trying to research how to open a gentlemen club, you also need to figure out how to get a reliable merchant account solution for your business.

Why Do Clients Need Gentlemen’s Club Merchant Account Solutions?

eMerchant Authority provides sustainable and flexible merchant account solutions for several different kinds of establishments. These range from gentlemen’s clubs, strip clubs, adult entertainment clubs, dance clubs, and many more. They’re fully aware that a gentlemen’s club doesn’t function like any other business. 

Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of dealing with the industry, the company knows how difficult it is for organizations to find payment processors willing to facilitate strip club credit card processing. The traditional banks and payment processing services will not provide merchant accounts to these facilities. 

Many business owners and clients are already aware of the challenges the nature of the industry poses and come to eMerchant Authority for the payment processing services. Thanks to their specialist merchant accounts and their connections with both domestic and international banking partners, they can get your gentlemen’s club ready to accept all kinds of payment in no time!

Use our fast application to get a custom tailored merchant account that fits your needs.

What Happens When You Use Traditional Payment Processing For A Gentlemen’s Club Merchant Account?

In the scenario that a client is new to the industry and isn’t aware of how things work, they’ll typically open their club and then look to visit the traditional banks and payment processors. These companies will initially collect information from the business. 

After reviewing the information, the services will suspend the account because gentlemen clubs and businesses of this nature are a part of the adult industry. All businesses that are a part of the adult industry automatically receive high-risk status by traditional payment processors. 

Next, the client’s merchant account gets suspended, and their put in a very precarious position. The traditional payment processors will freeze the account and hold all funds within it until they receive clearance. 

It provides devasting consequences for the business in the immediate term as all cash flow stops instantly. The gentlemen’s club will lose all means of effectively promoting their products and services. Additionally, the funds earned from any already sold products or services will also be held over the next few months until the suspended account gets clearance. 

That’s why any gentlemen’s club or strip club owners must find the proper payment processing service that can help get them a high-risk merchant account without any other troubles. 

How Does Risk Impact A Gentleman’s Club MErchant Account?

The way things work with traditional payment processing services, if your industry falls under the high-risk merchant category, it’s going to be a hard time getting approval on a merchant’s account. That’s why eMerchant Authority offers several different high-risk merchant accounts to prospective clients. 

Why does this happen? To put it quite simply, the traditional payment processing platforms like PayPal don’t allow payment processing for high-risk businesses. Unfortunately, all businesses in the adult entertainment industry fall under this category. For anyone that’s looking to set up a business in the industry and maximize their revenues, this can pose a real challenge. 

Traditional services tend to initially accept applications from these businesses for a merchant account. However, after reviewing the business, they’ll suspend the account and leave the owners in a state of limbo. It can take these traditional payment processors a week or two to review the account. At the same time, the clients are left with a false sense of security. 

The best way to avoid these unpleasant situations is to go with expert high-risk merchant account payment processors like eMerchant Authority. They’ll make sure that you get your gentlemen’s club merchant account up and running in no time at all!

How Does Having A Gentlemen’s Club Merchant Account Matter, And Why Choose Emerchant Authority?

Anyone that has been a part of the industry for a long time will tell you that finding payment processors that’ll facilitate debit and credit card payments is a difficult task. Due to the business’s nature, gentlemen’s club owners simply can’t approach traditional banks and payment processing services for financial solutions. There are several loopholes that these business owners need to run through before they can find the ideal solution.

Among the most pertinent obstacles is finding a host back that facilitates payments and functions in the adult entertainment industry. Traditional banks simply do not permit underwriting services for gentlemen’s club merchant accounts. 

That’s where eMerchant Authority comes into the equation to provide clients with ideal gentlemen’s club merchant account solutions. They can set up payment processors that facilitate credit card and debit card payments for high-risk merchant accounts.

Setting up an account with eMerchant Authority is designed to ensure that the clients don’t have to run through any unnecessary loopholes. Here’s what potential clients can expect when looking to set up a gentlemen’s club merchant account with eMerchant Authority. 

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