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When it comes to finding a company to handle your merchant services for your health and beauty business, you’ve come to the right place. No company can handle your merchant accounts as beautifully as eMerchant Authority can. 

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Do You Need Help Taking Payments For Your Health & Beauty Business?

If you’re selling health and beauty products online then you may have noticed how difficult it is to find reliable payment processing solutions. You don’t have time to waste applying for accounts only to get rejected from the bank. The health and beauty industry does drive in hundreds of millions of dollars annually, so every day that your company is unable to receive payments is a huge financial loss.

Banks often categorize health and beauty merchants as high risk. This is because there is a higher amount of chargebacks in this industry. If your customer is unhappy with their products or has a reaction to it, then they will ask for a refund. The banks see this as risky and will either reject the merchant’s application or request rates that are unbelievably high. You’re in the health and beauty industry to make money, not spend all your profits on payment processing fees!

If the bank turned down your application it doesn’t mean things are over. You need a company that specializes in handling high risk merchant accounts, and eMerchant Authority is the leading company for that job. 

Use our fast application to get a custom tailored merchant account that fits your needs.

The Trouble A Lot of Health and Beauty Services Face

A lot of new health and beauty business owners experience the same frightening situation. They set up their website and start making sales through a company like PayPal or Stripe. Everything seems to be going good, but then a few months later their merchant account completely shuts down and they can’t accept any payments from customers. 

These payment processing companies are known for accepting the merchant first and doing a review later. This process actually hurts a lot of newcomers in the industry. Once these payment processing companies evaluate your business and see that it’s a high risk company they shut you down, no questions asked. It doesn’t matter how high your sales are.

Not only do business owners have no money coming in when this happens, but it also turns customers off. They start looking around for other merchants and start buying their products elsewhere. You can’t let those other health and beauty merchants steal your customers. No way! Instead, give us a call at eMerchant Authority so your accounts can get handled the right way. With eMerchant Authority you can trust that your payment processing methods will stay up and running.

High Risk Merchant Accounts Are A Great Option For Health & Beauty Businesses

When it comes to chargebacks, compared to other ecommerce businesses the health and beauty industry gives out more refunds. If a product doesn’t work the way it was advertised then a customer deserves their money back.

Besides, since the cosmetics industry is self-regulated, some merchants of beauty have given them a bad reputation by selling products with unproven, false, or misleading health benefits. Courier drivers aren’t always gentle either, so there’s always the risk of a product arriving broken or damaged. If the product has sold out online by the time the client receives it then a refund is the only acceptable option. 

Lots of customer-initiated chargebacks aren’t good for your skincare products business. In addition to lowering your profitability and tarnishing your company’s image, chargebacks are also seen by credit and debit card processors as a sign that you’re selling poor skincare products or you have lousy customer service.

If you have experience in the health and beauty industry then you probably know all about how often chargebacks happen and all the chargeback management tools to handle them. Unfortunately, it’s not something that many new business owners know about until it’s too late, which is how their account crosses the line to high risk. 

For new players that need to reduce chargebacks, you need to ensure your skincare products are safe for consumers. Also, avoid making false claims about your products that can’t be scientifically proven.

You also need to be transparent to your customers about any extra or hidden fees related to your products. For instance, if you’re offering free trials for your dietary supplements, let your customers know if signing up for a free trial means enrolling themselves into a paid membership.

Further, don’t forget to invest in a quality chargeback management strategy. A chargeback management tool will help keep your chargeback ratios low and improve the profitability of your business.

How To Get Reliable Merchant Services For Skin Care Products Businesses

If you run a responsible and honest business in the beauty industry and you need merchant services for skin care products, ensure you choose a provider you can trust. 

Take your time and research the available health merchants, read more about their terms, conditions, and fees. The best cosmetic industry merchant account providers offer reliable services and a wide variety of payment options that allow you to process both web and mobile-based transactions. Additionally, they should have dedicated customer support and quality systems to help detect and mitigate chargebacks.

Simply put, a good financial institution or provider of a high-risk merchant account should improve the overall purchasing experience for your skincare product customers and add some convenience and flexibility to your business operations.

The good thing is that starting out with a company like eMerchant Authority that specializes in working with high risk accounts, you won’t have to worry about a headache later on. 

Why You Want Us To Handle Your MErchant Account Services

When you get your company set-up for sales the last thing you need is for your payment processing solution to abandon you without warning. Imagine if that happened when you were running a special event and your customers weren’t able to buy anything. Ouch! That is one thing you should never have to worry about as a business owner. Once you set up your account all you should have to worry about when it comes to payment processing is collecting your money.

If you start off your business by using eMerchant Authority to handle your payment processing solutions then you can be reassured that your customers can shop away without any issues when it comes to making a payment. While many banks and other payment processing companies are quick to approve an account, they have underwriting that allows them to close your account at any given time. That leaves business owners with an ongoing worry of what might happen.

We don’t play that game at eMerchant Authority. Once we approve your application, we will be here to stay and support your business along the way. Not only do we specialize in high risk accounts, but we are also more lenient when it comes to approvals. Get started today and give us a call for a free quote!

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