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Credit Card Solutions For High Ticket Sales  Coaching From eMerchant Authority

If you work in the coaching trade then there’s a good chance you probably receive high ticket sales, possibly anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000. One trouble that a lot of high ticket coaching services face is unreasonably high rates when they are trying to find a merchant account. Most merchant account providers aren’t setup to handle such high priced sales which is why their commission rates are ridiculous. 

When your average sale exceeds $5,000 then you will find much better rates if you look into a service that specializes in working with high ticket accounts. Finding the right provider isn’t as difficult as you would think either. One of the reasons why eMerchant Authority is known as the leading company for handling high ticket accounts is because our experts can help with all of your account’s needs for a fair rate. We have multiple acquiring banking partners to help get you the best rates in the industry. 

Use our fast application to get a custom tailored merchant account that fits your needs.

Why Your High Ticket Coaching Business Is Classified as High-Risk

If you offer high-ticket services, you may be wondering why your merchant account application keeps being rejected by traditional credit card processors. The reason is that your high-ticket coaching business is classified as high-risk.

One of the reasons such high-ticket items are termed as high-risk is because they’re more likely to have a high chargeback ratio. Customers are more likely to dispute a product if it’s expensive. Also,  most coaching services aren’t transparent on their performance merits, and customers with very high expectations are often disappointed, leading to many chargebacks.

Besides, most payment processors are wary of doing business with high-ticket services providers as when hefty chargebacks add up, the owners of these businesses often close shops. This leaves the payment processor responsible for paying the hefty chargeback fees.

Additionally, high-ticket merchants are often a popular target for online frauds. Due to the expensive nature of high-ticket products, cybercriminals often use fake credit cards to pay for these services.

And let’s not forget that high-ticket coaching providers sell costly products. Since the transactions are large, the risk that your credit card processor will incur is also higher in case of chargebacks and frauds. 

You Can Keep Your Chargeback Ratios Low

Many credit card payment processors are unwilling to work with businesses with excessive chargeback ratios. This is because dealing with such a business puts the credit card processor at a higher risk of unpaid refunds and chargeback fees.  

Moreover, a high chargeback ratio is also detrimental to your business as it may cause your high-risk merchant account to be terminated. The good news is that although it may be impossible to eliminate chargebacks, you can reduce them by following the guidelines below.

  • Have a clear return and refund policy.
  • Add identity checks to identify your customers to reduce online business frauds.
  • Review orders that seem questionable.
  • Restrict sales to countries that are known to be safe from internet scams.
  • Use clear billing descriptors.
  • Keep communication channels open for customers and have reliable customer support.
  • Use a chargeback mitigation system.

Partner with a reliable high-ticket merchant account provider that has fraud and chargeback mitigation measures in place

High Risk Accounts Don’t Have to Be Risky Business

You may feel limited in your options compared to if you ran a low-risk business. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for unfair rates and lousy service. A lot of corporate banks shy away from coaching businesses because they are considered high risk. The banks always consider the “what if” scenarios and the “what if there’s a chargeback issue” sits high on the list. 

Just because your coaching service is high risk doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t qualify for a secure merchant account. eMerchant Authority has experience working with high tickets sales and exclusively handles high risk accounts, so we can get you set up with the right payment processing solutions for your needs. 

Many payment processing providers have underwriting guidelines that vary and aren’t quite clear to the merchant. To make things easier for everyone, eMerchant Authority asks questions that are specific to your business’s needs. This is how we get you started on the right track. 

A lot of business owners don’t realize that their high ticket sales business is automatically deemed high risk. This sets a sense of failure into them as they believe they won’t be able to find a reliable merchant account provider. Chances are, they were probably just looking in the wrong places. Luckily for you, high risk merchant providers are here to help! The experts at eMerchant Authority are ready to provide you services in a way that is custom to your business’s needs.

Pros and Cons of High-Ticket Merchant Accounts

Just like most products in the market, merchant accounts that are meant for high-risk businesses have their advantages and disadvantages. The upsides of getting your high-risk merchant account from a dependable provider include:

  • Chargeback prevention – A notable advantage of dealing with a reliable provider of high-ticket coaching merchant services like eMerchant Authority is that you’ll enjoy chargeback protection. Such providers have chargeback mitigation strategies in place which help detect and prevent chargebacks.
  • Ability to accept credit and debit cards – With a high-risk merchant account, you’ll be able to accept card and mobile payments. This will boost your coaching business profitability as customers who use mobile, credit, or debit cards will find it more convenient to buy from you.
  • Scalability – If your high-ticket coaching business accepts multiple currencies, then a high-risk merchant account will enable you to receive payments in different currencies. This makes it possible to scale your business to different global locations.
  • Security – With a high-risk merchant account, you can rest easy knowing your customer details are safe. Besides, such accounts use advanced technologies to detect and reduce the risk of frauds and online scams which also means your business will be protected from online frauds.
  • Expertise – Choosing a high-risk merchant account provider with experience in high-ticket products like eMerchant Authority gives you a partner with expertise in your line of business. Such a provider will advise you on the right solutions you can use to mitigate common risks in the high-ticket coaching business.

The downsides of getting a high-risk merchant account for your high-ticket coaching business are as outlined below:

  • High fees – Compared to low-risk merchant accounts, high-risk merchant accounts for high-ticket items have higher fees. This is because your payment processor will be taking a higher risk of partnering with you.
  • Reserve restrictions – Your account may be subject to a rolling reserve where your provider holds a certain amount of money in your account to mitigate the risks of fraud and chargebacks.

Does It Make A Difference In Which Provider I Choose?

Of course it does. Only with eMerchant Authority will you be able to work with experts who specialize in high ticket sales that can meet your needs at a fair rate. Our experts have done a lot to help other merchants in the coaching industry avoid scammers and unfair policies when it comes to payment processing solutions. We can help get you on track to start collecting payments without worry.

You deserve a merchant account that can work specifically to your needs. Business has never been smoother and more profitable than it has been for companies that made the switch to eMerchant Authority. No more hassles from now on when it comes to payment processing solutions, only profits! 

Why You Want Us To Handle Your MErchant Account Services

At eMerchant Authority we specialize in working with high risk accounts, this means that we won’t charge you outrageous commission fees like other providers would to do business. Since there are numerous chargebacks in the coaching industry, many banks will be quick to reject for application for an account. If you already have one they may even freeze it to avoid these chargebacks. 

As a business owner you have no time to worry about that kind of stuff, which is why you should start off on the right page and go for a company like eMerchant Authority that is prepared to work with high risk merchant accounts. However, one thing you need to consider are chargeback thresholds. If your chargeback threshold with your merchant account provider is $20,000 but your sales are $10,000 each then all it takes is 2 refunds to max out your monthly threshold. 

Always compare the monthly chargeback threshold between different merchant account providers to make sure you find one suited to your coaching business. Our experts at eMerchant Authority strive to get you the best monthly chargeback threshold limit. 

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