Merchant Accounts For Male Enhancement Products Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

The risks associated with selling male enhancement products can be very challenging for an individual to receive the support they need. This is particularly true when we talk about being able to rely on fast payment processing. What can you do to ensure your business runs without issue?

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Accept Credit Card PAyments For Your Male Enhancement Products

Male enhancement products help men improve their sexual performance. The products that are often in the form of dietary supplements also increase sexual arousal, penis size, libido, and erection.

Undoubtedly, the male enhancement industry is growing in popularity. According to statistics on sexual enhancement supplements, the industry is projected to reach USD 324.04 million by 2025.

If you run a male enhancement supplement business, most of your customers probably pay via credit or debit cards. To ensure the growth of your business, you must have convenient credit card processing solutions for these customers on your website. Unfortunately, due to the high-risk nature of most sexual enhancement businesses, it can be difficult to get credit card processing solutions from traditional processors or banks.

 Fortunately, eMerchant Authority can help. We can help you to meet all of the requirements involved in successfully running a male enhancement merchant business. Maintaining customer satisfaction with the products you are selling is just the beginning. Ultimately, you will also need to make sure you are meeting all of the requirements associated with such an endeavor.

To reiterate, you are going to want to make sure you are meeting all of the demands associated with what is traditionally known as a high-risk business. Why high-risk? There are several reasons as to why this is the case.

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The Challenges of A Male Enhancement MErchant Account

Making sure you are selling only the best and most reliable male enhancement products is only the beginning of the responsibilities inherent in a field such as this. eMerchant Authority works with merchants just like you to ensure they are also minimizing the risk perceived by payment processing companies and others.

Why is a Male Enhancement Merchant Account considered to be high-risk? One of the biggest issues comes down to the subject of chargebacks. Because of the nature of these products, merchants often have to deal with a small-but-significant array of unsatisfied customers. Male enhancement products can work, but they also sometimes fail to meet the high expectations of those purchasing them. This leads to a higher number of complaints and refund requests than what you might find with other types of merchants.

For a payment processing company such as PayPal, and as far as banks and similar institutions are concerned, this higher-than-normal number of chargebacks is generally more risk than they are willing to accept. This is why many male enhancement product merchants find their accounts being frozen or shut down completely. A perception such as this can prove to be highly harmful to the success of your business. What can you do?

Again, this is where eMerchant Authority can prove invaluable. We have worked with merchants just like you. We understand better than anyone else what it takes to have a business such as this, while still meeting the concerns and requirements established by financial institutions, payment processing companies, and anyone else.

Finding the Perfect Male Enhancement Merchant Services Provider

Finding the right high-risk merchant account provider is important as you need to find someone who’ll not only be your vendor but your partner, too.

When shopping for a high-risk merchant account vendor, you want to make sure that the one you choose has experience in your business type. Familiarity with the industry is very helpful. Such a processor will offer both merchant account services and the expertise they have gained over the years while working in the male sexual enhancement industry. 

It’s also important to confirm that the provider has the right tools to support your payment needs. If some of your customers use mobile payments, ensure the provider has the right technology to support such payment options.

Also, ask your provider about their processing fees. Some high-risk male enhancement supplement merchant account vendors inflate their prices due to the limited options available. At eMerchant Authority, we give our customers the most favorable rates as we aim to build a lasting relationship with them.

Protect Your Male Enhancement Business With a High Risk Merchant Account

At the end of the day, everything we are suggesting with a Male Enhancement Merchant Account is being said with an eye towards the future of your business. By making sure you are meeting every requirement associated with a potentially risky venture, you are going to have more time and energy to focus on the aspects of your business that really matter. The success and failure of your business will be defined instead by what you put into it. This is a stark contrast to hoping lenders and payment processors will not see you as a high financial risk.

Given the wide range of current and upcoming regulations concerning male enhancement products, it just makes sense to give your business aspirations the strongest foundation possible. We will help you navigate potential risks for your efforts.

By using eMerchant Authority male enhancement merchant solutions, you can offer your customers reliable credit card, mobile, and online payment solutions.  

Further, with this solution, you’ll not have to worry about manually handling your monthly invoices and bills as our male enhancement merchant accounts come with automated billing.

The eMerchant Authority merchant male enhancement solution also comes with payment tracking and security tools that help reduce fraud and chargebacks while protecting the safety of your business and that of your customers. Besides, eMerchant Authority offers intuitive technology tools, ongoing support, and industry expertise that helps streamline your business operations.

Get Approved For Male Enhancement Merchant Solution

Now, when you have already chosen your male sexual enhancement merchant account provider, it’s time to improve the chances of your account getting approved.

Be honest – Ensure you’re open about your business type during the application process. Disclose as much information about your operations as you can. For instance, be honest about the types of male enhancement products you offer- are they dietary supplements or enhancement pills that help with erectile dysfunction treatment?

Have a cash reserve – Most payment processors will need you to establish a cash reserve as a hedge. The providers use the budget to cover losses in case of chargebacks and refunds. If your provider requires a reserve, make sure you have some extra money at hand or in your account to meet the cash reserve requirements.

Have the right documents – Have at least three to six months of your past credit and bank statements. Some payment processors will also ask for tax return statements. Failure to include all the necessary documents can slow down the account approval process.

Take steps to reduce chargebacks – It’s possible to reduce the occurrence of chargebacks in your business, and this can greatly improve your chances of getting your male sexual dietary supplement merchant account approved. Some steps you can take to prevent chargebacks in your male enhancement business include:

  • Give clear descriptions of your products.
  • Provide lots of explanation videos and photos with your sexual arousal or supplement product descriptions.
  • Provide clear pricing information.
  • Have a clear refund policy.
  • Give the correct contact information on every page of your site.
  • Offer reliable and prompt customer support.

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