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How To Protect Your Membership Club Business

Your online business needs the best possible protection on every possible level. This is true for any business, of course. However, it is particularly true with online merchants working in what payment processors and similar institutions call “High-risk fields.” Online shopping and membership club merchants are a good example of what we are talking about.

Why? Because membership merchants deal in a higher-than-average number of customer complaints, which leads to chargebacks. This alone can make it difficult to secure a reliable relationship with the likes of PayPal or Stripe. When these institutions view you as being riskier than other businesses they support, they can decide to play it safe, and freeze or cancel your account. This can bring your business to a standstill.

Yes, obviously, anyone can start an online business about virtually anything they please. However, without the support of a payment processing giant, or the institutions that support these companies, your online business isn’t going to go very far. In fact, it will likely come to a complete standstill. You just can’t do steady business without companies like PayPal these days.

Membership Club Merchant Solutions from eMerchant Authority can help. Our company has established relationships with these companies. Our solutions are designed to make it easier for membership merchants such as yourself to operate and grow. Without the fear that someone is going to come and pull the rug out from under you.

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Addressing The Challenges of Membeship Club Merchant Services

To reiterate: Without companies like Square or Stripe, your membership club merchant business isn’t going to be very successful. At the same time, you want to be able to address the reality that so many different companies and lenders see the field as one that is too risky for them to support sight unseen. Why is this such a problem for them?

As we touched on earlier, the problem really comes down to a matter of the customer. While a successful merchant in this area will obviously have more happy customers than ones who are upset, membership club merchants still have received a higher number of complaints and refund requests than many other types of merchants.

This is rarely the actual fault of the merchant. It just happens to be that many customers have extremely high expectations for the discounts and benefits they hope to receive by going to a membership club merchant. When these expectations are not met, they are inevitably going to demand a refund. This is where the problem starts for the merchant.


Why Are Payment PRocessors Reluctant To Trust Membership Clubs?

When a customer wants a refund, you generally give it to them. This obviously means losing a sale, but this tends to be preferable to letting the matter go on. As far as you are concerned, the matter is now at a close.

Unfortunately, the company processing the refund has to take an additional charge. This is where the concept of chargebacks come into play. While such chargebacks do not impact your bottom line directly, they can have repercussions for businesses that receive them in a higher volume than what is traditionally considered the norm.

It is for this reason that many membership club merchants suddenly find their payment processing account frozen. In other cases, your account can be cancelled by the company altogether. This can leave you without the essential tool of being able to process payments by your customers. To be sure, if this happens with one payment processing company, the odds are regrettably high that the same thing is going to happen with another payment processing company. This puts merchants just like you in an extremely difficult position.

Build Your Business With The Right Merchant Account Provider

eMerchant Authority can give you everything necessary to maintain your membership club merchant endeavors. While there are a number of things you can still do to mitigate the risks others associate with your industry, our Membership Club Merchant Solutions can cover the gap between where you want to be with your merchant business, and where you can operate without fear of suddenly being shut down.

You have to work hard to build your membership club merchant business. It is your responsibility to build and maintain good relationships with a wide array of short-term and long-term clients. This means delivering on your promises, providing the best possible customer service, and so much more. Among all of your ongoing tasks, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your payment processing company will be there to ensure you can always meet customer needs.

With eMerchant Authority, you’re getting trusted, flexible solutions.

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