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In the industry of gaming, a merchant account is essential. eMerchant Authority offers payment processing options for both domestic and offshore gaming businesses. This credit card processing option enables you to succeed. 

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How can eMerchant authority support my online gaming merchant account?

In online gaming, payment processing options can be difficult to find. It is known that banks tend to regard the online gaming industry as run by illegitimate businesses. Also, there is a range of high-risk problems that bank underwriters will pay attention to when they are processing your application for payment processing. It is understood that most traditional banks do not want to take on the risk that is often involved in supporting online merchant accounts. 

They will usually be cautious to avoid unnecessary risks such as chargebacks, unpaid bills, low credit scores, and negative account balances. Therefore it is important to make sure your accounts are in order before making an application. Also, try to amend any outstanding credit score issues or debts. Banks will look positively on your accounts if you have a significant amount of liquid assets when you apply. 

Online gaming companies find it very challenging to find stable payment processors that will accept to process all their online payments and help them grow their business. Since this is considered a high-risk industry, many business owners have faced serious consequences when working with banks and processors that don’t have experience in this field. For example, if you decide to open a gaming merchant account with a bank, and the bank closes it, all your money can be stuck in the bank for a very long time, and you won’t be able to sell your services and products online. In other words, this stops your cash flow, so you’ll be forced to research alternative payment methods that might not be as successful. If you want to avoid these issues, you have to keep reading. 

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What Online Gaming Businesses Need To Consider:

Business opportunity merchant accounts are set up when the biz ops service is looking to accept card payments from customers. The way it works is that the account suppliers will hold the funds out of the income before the account’s earnings can be sent back to company accounts.  

If there are any refunds or chargebacks related to a specific purchase, the payment processors normally deduct the merchant account amounts before transferring any payments. In practice, it seems quite simple to understand. 

Payment processors typically quantify transactions into low, medium, or high-risk categories. A low-risk transaction is typically when a customer presents a charge card, which is physically swiped on the market premises to complete a purchase. 

However, not all business categories fall into the low-risk category, even when the card is present. Due to the nature of the biz ops industry, many products and services are either offered over the phone or online. These transactions are known as card-not-present payments and have a significantly higher risk. 

Additionally, the nature of products and services also impacts whether the business is low-risk or high-risk. Product categories such as skincare, home-based biz ops merchants, nutritional supplements, and weight loss formulas all fall under the category of high-risk merchants. It isn’t necessarily just because of the nature of the goods. The high-risk classification also occurs because of the payment processing method. 

As the modern world becomes more digital, customers are starting to use mobile and other payment processing procedures. Point-of-sale is increasingly becoming a thing of the past, and eMerchant Authority offers all kinds of business opportunity merchant account solutions that make it easy for organizations to accept all the different kinds of modern payment methods. The support extends to anywhere the organization decides to set up a business!

Online Processing

Credit and debit cards are the next step in the development of the online gaming business. The industry is constantly progressing alongside the integration of gaming apps and smartphones. When you are looking for an online gaming merchant account that is sustainable, traditional bank accounts are not an option. Instead, companies that are specialists in managing high-risk merchant accounts are the right choice. 

There is a range of rules and regulations surrounding gambling and online gaming businesses. Thus, some countries or states may choose to ban the entire industry. Online gaming is thus regarded as a high-risk industry. 

Online Payment Gateways

One of the main disadvantages of utilizing an online payment pathway is the premium rate. Often, processing fees and rates are higher compared to those of a traditional bank. However, on the other hand, traditional banks will often avoid approving these accounts. It is, therefore, necessary to choose a payment gateway with a high-risk specialist. These providers have consumer service agents that will support you in integrating the technology you require for processing on your online store.


A frequent issue in gaming merchant accounts is chargebacks. When using an online gaming merchant account there is often a significant risk of incurring a high chargeback fee if a player loses their bet and demands their money back. A chargeback occurs when a client disputes a debit or credit card charge and argues that they did not authorize the purchase, or they did not receive what they had initially paid for. 

Customers may offer a range of reasons as to why they are asking for a chargeback or their money back. They might claim that they do not recognize the charge or that they never received the item that they paid for. Other customers may argue that the product that they received was not what they had initially expected it to be, or they believe that it is faulty or defective. 

Credit Card Processing

One of the main reasons that you will require a high-risk merchant account for your website when processing credit cards is to avoid the risk of having your merchant account shut down. A bank can shut down your merchant accounts and withhold funds without even giving you prior notice. Thus, you may, in this situation, have no means of continuing to sell your service or products. Any revenue of cash flows will cease entirely. Additionally, the funds from the services or products that you have previously sold, may be withheld for months by the bank. 

When you begin trading with a merchant account, you will likely extend the longevity of the account. In many situations, the bank’s due-diligence or underwriting will not cease once the account is opened. This means that there will be a continued risk of monitoring that comes with all low-risk merchant accounts. 

Account Shut-downs

No matter what the reason was that the customer used to dispute the charge and as for a chargeback, you will incur a mark on your account. Then, the disputed funds will be removed from your bank account. These funds will not be available to you until the current dispute is resolved. In these situations, the bank will judge the case. If the client succeeds in proving their dispute, the funds will not be available or returned to you at all. Rather, they will be refunded or “charged back” to the client. There is a range of things that an online gaming merchant can do to avoid such chargebacks. You will be given the chance to dispute the customer’s claim and prove instead that the cost was authorized initially. In this situation, the funds would be made available and returned to you. 

Choose A High-Risk Online Gaming Merchant Account

If you open your account under false claims or your business is stated to be a high risk after you have opened the account, you can expect it to be closed by the bank. It is a good idea to begin trading with the correct high-risk merchant account which will increase your chance of the bank being more lenient toward your situation. 

The high-risk merchant account label is nothing to be ashamed of. A range of factors that exist regarding your industry, location as well as clients may put your business in the category of high-risk. However, despite that it may be more difficult, it does not mean that you will be unable to acquire the right merchant processing system to suit your business’ needs. 

In the online gaming industry businesses will deal with a high chargeback rate to credit cards for a range of reasons including fraudulent transactions, high-priced items as well as government laws and gambling regulations. This makes credit card payments very risky, so most banks and processors will avoid working with these businesses. Instead of looking for other payment options, you can see what eMerchant Authority has to offer and how we can make your life easier. 

What To Look For In A Online Gaming Credit Card Processor

Online gaming credit card processing is a serious task that you can only give to a very responsible processor. Aside from looking at online gaming merchant account providers with experience, there are a few other factors to influence your decision. 

Let’s start with the fees. Opting for the cheapest provider isn’t a must; however, you should still find one that offers affordable merchant services. Online gaming might be problematic for most, but the right processor will have an entire team of experts to assign to your account and do that at acceptable rates. 

In addition, the service has to be available for you via their customer service and needs to answer all your questions. Most businesses aren’t aware of many rights and regulations; therefore, they need professional help when setting up accounts and working with comprehensive payment solutions. The processor should be able to process payments fast, without any issues. 

Finally, they should offer fraud protection for you and your customers. Fraudulent activity is one of the biggest issues for high-risk businesses and the reason why banks avoid working with online gaming companies. Another problem is common chargebacks. This happens when a customer disputes making a payment, so they request their money back. A professional and experienced processor like eMerchant Authority knows how to deal with these claims and protect your earnings when needed. On the other hand, banks might take a while to decide who should receive the money and will remove the funds from your account. 

eMerchant Authority’s Online Gaming Merchant Options

eMerchant Authority is the leader in payment processing for high-risk merchants. We offer support to companies who need an online gaming merchant account for a sustainable business. Our process is simple so you can focus on your business. When you begin your payment processing with us, you will set your business up to succeed. There is a range of business models that eMerchant Authority can offer payment processing support for gaming types including mobile, social, online, multiplayer, online poker, casinos, lotteries, and horse racing. 

Our experience and expertise will ensure you get the support you need. Even if you have a bad credit score or have a history of incurring chargebacks, we will help you to get your account approved. 

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