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Merchant Solutions for PAwn Shops

You put in the hard work, but you require the perfect credit card processing solution to enhance your business. Finding the right processing solution that is fair and sustainable can be hard. We work to provide accounts for businesses that are deemed to be high-risk, such as pawn shops. 

Pawn shops are usually considered high risk due to the nature of their industry as well as the additional risk of accruing stolen items. While fewer than 0.1 per cent of all pawned goods are known to be stolen, the reputation continues to exist and means that it is considered to be a high-risk business. Thus establishing a merchant account for a pawn shop can be hard, especially for new and emerging pawnbrokers. eMerchant Authority supports pawnshops in acquiring a high-risk business account for their business with our partnered banks. 

We have a range of options for merchant accounts for your pawn shop business that are designed to offer competitive solutions for your online business’ credit card processing. If you require a pawn-shop merchant account, contact us and we will begin to process your application within 5 days.

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What To Do If Your Credit Card PRocessing Is/Was Disabled

Credit card processing is quite new for most pawn shop businesses, however, pawnbrokers have been offering secured loans in return for personal goods for a long time. Pawn shop businesses are typically regarded as high-risk which makes accepting and processing credit card payments relatively difficult. Pawnshops have existed for years, however, many merchant account suppliers deem this industry area to be too unstable and insecure. However, some banks are looking to progress into this industry because they are aware of the value of their clients. These banks offer special solutions which are specially designed for the pawnshop industry. 

eMerchant Authority designs specific solutions for high-risk merchant accounts for pawn shops, pawnbrokers as well as gold and silver traders. Pawnshops are typically labeled as high-risk merchants, which may make it difficult for pawnshop owners to identify a trustworthy merchant account for their online payment processing. However, eMerchant Authority supports pawn shops in accepting and processing debit or credit cards as a payment method, without hindering their security or their compliance.

How Being High-risk Affects Getting A Merchant Account For Your Pawn Shop

Pawn shops are one of the oldest businesses in the realm of finance. Their business model comes from medieval money lending. Their primary business goal is to lend money in return for personal goods. If an individual is unable to locate the necessary funds for debt collectors within a certain time period, they would often turn to a pawnshop. One of the main reasons for that is a person could get an emergency cash loan from a pawn shop without needing to fill in much paperwork. 

However, that is one of the things that has altered about pawn shops nowadays. In order to receive a loan or to purchase pawned items, you do not have to go to a physical establishment on the high street, rather you can complete your transaction on the internet. 

While the progression has been slow, many pawnshops are starting to choose to step away from the high street in order to establish an online presence. This enables them to access a large audience and the advantages largely outweigh the issues. Most individuals do not typically trust pawnshops because of the fact that they believe the myth that most of the items available are stolen goods. However, it is largely unfortunate that many believe that this reputation is true when in reality, pawnshops are properly regulated by the government. 

Pawnshops that offer a range of pawned items on the internet may even have a typical store too, in order to add to the money that  they receive on the internet. However, the main difference is that many people use their credit or debit card when purchasing goods online. 

How Can eMerchant Authority Support My Pawn Shop?

An online pawn shop enables you to sell to a targeted audience and allows you to earn more revenue. A typical visit to a traditional pawnshop will show you that the pawned products are purchased by a range of different people. The main advantage to the pawn shop is that the items that are available at a relatively low cost but are in decent condition. Thus, the pawn shop industry is highly profitable, as much as other businesses, and if you have a suitable pawn shop merchant account in place, your profits will begin to grow immediately. Pawn shops typically offer items that range including used car parts, antique jewelry or instruments. Whether you have already opened up an online store, or you’ve been trading online for a while, you may start to receive a large amount of credit or debit card transactions. Thus, it is recommended that you look for a pawn shop merchant account processer that specializes in such high risk accounts. 

A pawnshop merchant account supplier will enable pawn stores to process their credit card payments through a gateway. This also lets busy businesses to process large quantities of transactions each day. 

One of the most important things to remember is that an online pawn shop will not succeed if they cannot guarantee client purchasing safety. A pawn shop merchant account will offer all of the necessary safety risk due to the fact that it is a high-risk account. Thus, choosing a pawn shop merchant account will benefit your online business. 

eMerchant Authority enables pawn shop owners to get approved for and open up a merchant account. It also offers businesses chargeback management options in order to run a successful online business. 

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