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Subscription Merchant Account for Your Business

Subscription box merchants charge their customers on a recurring basis. This business model has grown in popularity among customers as it’s time-saving. With this plan, payments are automatically made to the merchant until the billing term ends which works conveniently for most customers. 

Besides, subscription box merchants can easily predict their revenue due to the recurring nature of the payments. This business model also gives you an opportunity to build lasting relationships with your customers.          

Notably, if you want to start processing cards and other electronic payments in your subscription business you need a high-risk merchant account for subscription. It’s also important to get your subscription merchant account from a reliable subscription merchant account services provider such as eMerchant Authority.  

Subscription merchant services allow you to conveniently and securely accept and process debit, credit cards, and electronic check payments from your customers. This type of account is convenient for your customers and profitable for your business.

Other benefits you enjoy when you get your subscription merchant account services from eMerchant Authority include:

Multiple payment options – A recurring billing merchant account allows you to set up multiple payment methods for your customers. With this high-risk account, your customers can securely make payments using credit and debit cards, mobile payments, e-checks, and other forms of electronic payment methods. The good news is that having multiple payment options enables you to make more money.

Multiple billing options – With a subscription merchant account, you can set up several billing profiles for your customers. For instance, you can offer a weekly, monthly, or annual payment method and also offer different pricing rates with these plans.

Automatic rebilling – In some instances, a customer’s automatic payment may not be successful due to a lack of funds or expired credit cards. In such a case, a subscription merchant account allows for automatic retransmission of the payment for approval. This helps salvage lost revenue, especially in cases of soft transaction decline that are very common in billing models of business.

Security – Subscription-based merchant accounts come with fraud prevention features that help secure your customers’ data. For instance, the eMerchant Authority recurring billing merchant account offers Level 1 PCI-DSS compliance. The account has other security features such as data encryption, a secure payment gateway, plus anti-money laundering protection to safeguard your business from fraudsters.

Look for A Reasonable Payment PRocessing Provider

Well, while you start your e-commerce business, subscribing for a subscription payment processing will facilitate the challenges you are likely to face during payments. But the concern that arises here is how to find a suitable subscription box merchant account for your business.

Know that the subscription box business is considered high risk in the online merchant account world. Hence, credit card processing solutions will be difficult to find. As the world of the subscription box industry is expanding, you can increase your business value with your virtual presence. eMerchant Authority brings you various options to open up a subscription box merchant account, and amazingly, the entire process just takes up two days to complete.

Use our fast application to get a custom tailored merchant account that fits your needs.

Handle Chargebacks Correctly

It’s quite common that when you register for a subscription box merchant account, your business will often face chargebacks. Regardless of several reasons that add to it, these chargebacks will categorize your business as high risk – which implies that your subscription box company will require a high-risk merchant account. Click here to gather information about situations when a chargeback is filed and how to avoid them.

Usually, observed that customers file a “failure to deliver” chargeback against the subscription box company. It happens when they expect certain things to be added to their subscription box and when it isn’t the case, they issue a chargeback. To add, customers also dispute a chargeback when the membership fell far short of expectations. This situation is common yet one of the biggest complaints against a subscription box merchant account.

Can You Guide Me Through Payment PRocessing?

While you are adamant about getting a subscription box merchant account for your business, the real struggle awaits here; How and which one to go with. Know that it’s a simple procedure where you initiate by picking up a reliable merchant account payment provider.

A well-reputed company like the eMerchant Authority can help you by connecting you with different bank sponsors capable of providing payment processing services. But something you shouldn’t forget is that a high-risk merchant account provider is the key to your success in your industry.

By opting out for the right merchant account, you are likely to increase your account’s longevity. As soon as you open up your account, it doesn’t mean that the bank’s underwriting has ended. Instead, it is an ongoing process of risk monitoring that keeps a check on all merchant accounts. This is why you need to start with the right high-risk merchant account for acquirers to be co-operative.

Although a high-risk merchant label isn’t a known concept, few elements like your industry type, location, and even your clients can play a big role in classifying your business under that label. Regarding subscription box merchant accounts, the main reason it is considered high risk is its recurring payment model and the odds of having a high chargeback ratio.

Just because it may be hard to finance doesn’t mean you can’t use merchant processing services for your business. There are times when the approval process can be super quick, and you can get free quotes, just as eMerchant Authority does. Click away to get the full list of high-risk business types.

Your Business Needs A Merchant Account

Are you still undecided about whether to get a subscription merchant processing for your business or not? Well, read on!

When businesses are labeled high risk, it simply means more rules and restrictions to follow and far more hoops to leap through before attaining a secure payment processing.

Wonder, why is it so? Well, because these big banks and traditional payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square do not approve high-risk businesses, unlike those who work in subscription paying processing company. It might seem like a big struggle to you, but in actuality, it isn’t. All you have to do is consciously select a payment processing company that works closely with high-risk merchants.

Importantly, businesses that are labeled as high risk should be sure about who are the right processors. Those high-risk merchant account providers who approve transactions for high-risk businesses are offered desirable solutions by well-reputed company eMerchant Authority, specifically to businesses in need.

Now that you have all your questions answered, select eMerchant Authority as your preferred payment company, and get your subscription box merchant account right away.

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