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Lenders Should Be Able To Accept Debit Card Payments On Loans

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Why Lenders Should Accept Debit Card Payments On Loans

Over the years the demand for allowing debit card payments has increased drastically. Allowing borrowers to pay back their loans with their debit cards has not only made things a lot easier for them but has also had positive results for the lender. This form of payment means that the lender is able to collect more payments on time, reduce losses on loan payments, see fewer amounts of default payments, and see overall revenue growth.

Lender Merchant Account

What Revenue Growth Can Do For Your Business

Lenders Business Revenue Merchant Account

This easy form of payment is likely to keep your customers happy. This will work out well for you because it means that they are more likely to keep their account open with you and continue going to your business for their lending needs. This will also attract more customers to your business because it is their preferred payment method. Most people don’t like having to fill out all that additional information that other payment methods require.

Allowing borrowers to pay back their loans with their debit card also takes a weight off your shoulder because payments are instant. You won’t have to wait around wondering if the payment will go through or not. This will also shorten up the amount of time borrowers spend on the phone making a payment, freeing up your business’s phone line for more clients.

Let Us Handle Your Merchant Account for Your Lending & Debt Business

The rules of payment processing are always changing, so eMerchant Authority takes care of learning the rules and regulations so you don’t have to. You can focus on your company’s needs while eMerchant Authority handles your Debt Repayment Merchant Account.

When your lending company partners with eMerchant Authority you will have access to:

Multiple Bank Merchant Solutions

Multiple banks to handle your payment processing solutions

Merchant Account API

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Lending & Debt Merchant Account

Interchange debt repayment support with Visa and Mastercard

Recurring Billing Merchant Account

Recurring billing cycles

Easy to Set Up Credit Card Processing

Easy to setup

High Risk Credit Card Processing

Dedicated account manager


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