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Mail Order & Telephone Order (MOTO) is a transaction type that is processed through the mail or over the phone. Due to its nature that the customer is not needed to be physically present at the store to make the payment, the debit or credit card used is also not present during the transaction. The only thing required is the card details for the business owner to process purchases over the phone or by mail.

Once the cardholder information is acquired, it is entered into a virtual terminal together with the purchase amount to be billed. This is forwarded to the respective credit card processing companies to be processed and then deposited to the mail order/telephone order merchant account. The transaction is finished with minimal effort from the customer.

This type of model is popular with takeaway businesses, who mainly use the telephone to get orders and also process payments there. This has been a tried and comfortable method of business that has worked for years. That is why there are still industries that prefer using this model.

As long as the transactions are a card-not-present type, they are now referred to as MOTO transactions.

Mail Order Merchant Account

When it comes to finding reliable services for processing credit card payments, many direct-marketing companies have trouble finding long term solutions for their mail & telephone order merchant account(s).

There are many challenges ahead of them because they often see more chargebacks than other types of businesses. Since the customer isn’t paying with their card at the location of business it creates a higher volume of payment processing on a riskier type of model.

Why Do Businesses Use the Mail & Telephone Orders Model?

Although we live in a day and age where the majority of people have access to the internet and online banking, there are still people who prefer doing things the old-fashioned way. As a business owner, you should strive to cater to your clients’ needs. Aside from that, there are benefits to accommodating the mail order telephone order (MOTO) model. Here are the reasons why:

Fast transactions

Customers who order via phone can already pay for their purchases right then and there. There is no more need to fill out forms or do online payments. Simply dictating the necessary credit card details over the phone lets the business process the payment right away. This type of card transaction can be done within minutes.

Easy to set up

Aside from a phone, all a business needs to be able to process this card-not-present type of transaction is a payment card machine or a virtual terminal. No need for a card reader.

Also, to be able to receive the processed payment, a business needs to have a mail and telephone order merchant account.

Clients’ peace of mind

People who are used to the old-fashioned way of paying through the MOTO model feel more comfortable continuing using this method. A lot of customers, most people of advanced age, are not used to online payment processes. Some people also do not trust putting their information on the internet.

By using the MOTO payment processing, the business assures its clients of safety, confidentiality, and ease of use.

More customers reached

There are still a lot of people who do not have access to the internet, either by choice or by circumstance. If a business does not have MOTO processing, then they are limiting its customer base.

By adding MOTO to their accepted mode of payments, companies can reach more people, because almost everyone has a phone in this day and age.

What Are the Downsides of Using Mail & Telephone Orders?

Security risk

Clients are disclosing sensitive credit card information to businesses for them to be able to process transactions. This data includes the cardholder’s name, card number, expiration, and the three digits at the back of the card. If a dishonest employee gets their hands on these, he/she may use them to make online purchases without the client’s knowledge. This situation will most likely lead to chargebacks.

No hard proof

Since there is no PIN to prove the legitimacy of each transaction, the charges to the card can be unclear or sometimes fraudulent. This uncertainty is what makes it a high risk for banks.

Higher transaction fees

The uncertainty, increased risk of fraudulent activity, and a large chance of chargebacks cause financial institutions to apply higher transaction fees on businesses with a mail order merchant account.

Handling Your Mail & Telephone Orders With Emerchant Authority Processing

All credit card payments go through a virtual terminal. eMerchant Authority has vast experience in the industry, which has helped us create a virtual terminal solution that is specific for call-center merchants.

We offer several services for direct-response merchants of all sizes and industries that market with:

Print Advertising

Print Advertising

Television Marketing


Infomercial Marketing


Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Other Traditional Campaigns

eMerchant Authority can assist your direct response mail & telephone order company in getting you set up with a merchant account. We assist with a range of traditional marketing companies, including:

 Direct Response Marketing
 Inbound Telemarketing
 Subscription Services
 Novelty Items & Merchandise
 Electronic Products
 “As Seen on TV” products

Telephone Order Merchant Account

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