Offshore Merchant Accounts

If your business deals with international payments, then you need an offshore merchant account. The team here at Merchant Authority can help you to secure the right one for your business.

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No Obligation
Rates as low as 1%

*Rates quoted as the % above normal card interchange
costs, dues, fees, and assessments.

Our Offshore Merchant Accounts

Offshore Merchant Accounts

eMerchant Authority has extensive experience in providing international offshore merchant accounts for businesses of all sizes. No matter how much money your business takes in international payments each month, we have a solution that is perfect for you.

Our payment gateway has been designed to ensure that you have all of the information you need to run your business at your fingertips. eMerchant Authority has worked extensively on developing these tools so you can generate the reports that you need to give you an overview of how your business is performing.

Offshore merchant accounts provided by eMerchant Authority will allow you to accept almost all major debit and credit cards, no matter where in the world that payment is being made from. 

Does Your Business Need An Offshore Merchant Account?

If your business accepts regular payments from international countries, then you will likely need to have an offshore merchant account. If you are unsure as to whether an offshore merchant account is the correct option for you, then contact the experienced staff here at eMerchant Authority. They can help you to determine whether having an offshore merchant account would be beneficial for your business.

Remember; international payment processing is inherently riskier than dealing with domestic payments. If you are regularly receiving payments from overseas, then domestic merchant accounts may not work with you. Here at eMerchant Authority, we will absorb the risk of dealing with payments overseas, which means you can receive international payments safely and confidently. 

The Importance of Choosing the Right Merchant Account

It is vital that you select the right international payment gateway at the start. If you fail to do this, then you will run the risk of your merchant account being closed. This means that your business will no longer be able to accept payments overseas. This could kill your business. You may not even be allowed access to the funds that you have sitting in your merchant account for months and months on end. Many successful businesses have been shut down overnight simply because they made the wrong choice when it came to merchant accounts.

We make finding an international merchant account simple

eMerchant Authority specializes in high-risk merchant accounts. We have put in place processes that can help to reduce the risk of international payment processing. We are constantly refining our processes to ensure that the risk is kept to the absolute minimum at all times. 

Once you work with our team here at eMerchant Authority and obtain an international merchant account, your eCommerce business will be open to international trade. This can boost your profits, and you do not have to worry about losing your merchant account.

Open up an offshore merchant account today

Start the process of opening up an offshore merchant account with eMerchant Authority today.

By working with us, you will allow your international customers to pay in their local currency. This will increase trust in your business, which can lead to greater profits. 

We have designed our offshore merchant account application process to be as quick and simple as possible. We have also tried to ensure that our rates are kept low to guarantee the greatest profits for your business. 

Open An Offshore Account Today.


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