Trust Our Service For Your Store’s Retail Merchant Account

All retail establishments need a POS system that is customized for their business’s needs. The experts at eMerchant Authority can have your store’s retail merchant account ready for business while offering some of the best rates around.

We Work With: Merchant Payment Options


No Obligation
Rates as low as 1%

*Rates quoted as the % above normal card interchange
costs, dues, fees, and assessments.

With eMerchant Authority, you can bring your business online easily and manage your POS system from anywhere. Even when you are away, you have the power to monitor payment processes in your establishment with the help of our retail merchant services. You can rest assured that your store is well-functioning and safe even when you are not physically there.

When you trust us to take care of your store’s retail merchant account, you will have access to a ton of great features, such as:

 Real-time reporting
 Chargeback and refund management tools
 Account statement
 POS equipment leases and options
 Free solutions for your terminal

Retail Merchant Account

Not Being Able To Accept Certain Payment Methods Could Hurt Your Business

According to the 2021 annual survey (Diary of Consumer Payment Choice) done by the Federal Reserve, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the payment preferences of Americans. Most consumers would often choose contactless payment options rather than pay using cash in person. Not-in-person payments are regarded as a safer method of processing purchases in dining establishments, grocery stores, and general merchandise shops.

About 28% of consumers used their debit cards for purchases and 27% of people prefer using their credit cards. Only 19% of the participants still continued using cash as payment. With almost two-thirds of the population preferring cashless transactions, businesses will greatly benefit from merchant services for retail offered by our company.

Luckily with eMerchant Authority, your business can accept all major credit cards and electronic payments, so you won’t have to say “No” to money ever again. All payments are processed through advanced terminals, which speed up the process and keep your customers happy.

Customers can pay with:

Debit Card Processing

Debit Cards

Gift Card Processing

Gift Cards

Mobile Payment Solutions

Mobile Payments

Electronic Check Processing

Electronic Checks

Your business can actually save money by switching to eMerchant Authority. We offer some of the lowest processing rates and a free terminal program so your business can focus on making money instead of spending it. All payments are secure through certified payment processing solution

Who Can Benefit From eMerchant AUTHORITY Handling Their Retail Merchant Account

Any type of business that collects customer’s payments for products electronically can benefit by switching to eMerchant Authority to handle their retail merchant account. This includes:

Retail Store Merchant Account

Retail Stores

Convenience Store Merchant Account

Convenience Stores

Restaurants Merchant Account


Service Provider Merchant Account

Service Providers

Hospitality Industry Merchant Account

Hospitality Industry

Gym Merchant Account


If your business does not fit into these categories, don’t worry. For eMerchant Authority caters to a wide variety of clients. Give us a call to inquire about payment solutions that fit your needs. We will be glad to assist you in creating a merchant account and obtaining a secure payment gateway for your business.

Need A Merchant Account Quick?


eMerchant Authority is the leader in merchant processing for businesses of all sizes. We cater from medium to large establishments that would like to include POS systems and cashless payment transactions for their client's convenience. We also support new businesses, start-ups, and even high-risk merchants, so they can provide their customers with a secure and seamless shopping experience. Because customer satisfaction is also what we aim for.

Our services come at competitive rates, and we offer flexible payment solutions that are easy on the budget. Because we understand how financially difficult it is to be a business owner.

No cost surcharge and low-cost processing options. Latest hardware including Clover systems at unbeatable prices. We offer the perfect solution to all your retail payment system needs. Here are the unmatched benefits that you will receive when you apply for a retail merchant account with eMerchant Authority:

Merchant Processing

Merchant Account Experts

20+ Proven Bank Relationships
Medium/High Risk Accounts
Fast Merchant Account Approval
E-Commerce & Retail Options
B2B Vendors Supported

Multiple Payment Processing

Multiple Payment Solutions

Multiple E-Commerce Gateways
Chargeback Prevention
ACH, E-Check, Credit Cards
B2B Level 2/3 Data Discounts
3D Secure Frictionless Checkout
Mobile Payments
EMV Readers

Merchant Processing Technology

Intuitive Technology & Support

Gateway Recurring Billing
E-Commerce Cart Plugins
International Merchant Accounts
Dedicated Account Managers