What Are Merchant Accounts?

If you are looking for a way to collect payments online for your business, you will likely set up a merchant account. What is a merchant account exactly? It is an online business account that allows for easier and more convenient collections of payments for your business..

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Is A Merchant Account Necessary?

If you want to function efficiently online, yes, you will want to sign up for a merchant account. It will be the building block for your business to grow online. All money that your organization collects will touch your merchant account.

It is also essential that you know precisely what your business goals and needs are going into setting up a merchant account. There are different merchant account vendors and processors out there, and all of the accounts will have different functions. Knowing what you want going into the set up will allow you to choose your business’s best merchant

Merchant Account Necessary

Here Are Some Guidelines That Will Help You Answer The Questions Of:

What Is A Merchant Account?
Does Your Business Need One?
Which One Should You Go With?

 Picking A Merchant Account

Picking a merchant account is virtually the same as choosing a bank for a business owner. The most important thing to know about picking a merchant account is that you need to know what features you need for your business. It would then be best if you did the research, as all merchant accounts are different, and as a bank, some are better, and some are worse.

One of the essential items you should learn is the terminology used with running a merchant accounts.

 The Merchant Agreement

Carefully go over the agreement you receive from your chosen merchant account. Make sure that you understand and are comfortable with the terminology used in the contract. You should know precisely what account functions you picked and ensure they are covered in the agreement in how they were laid out for you.

Ensure that you do not have an agreement that ties you to any specific dollar amounts or overage fees. The best approach is to make sure you ask the right questions. 

 Merchant Account Application Process

Once you have decided on the Merchant Account you want, you will begin applying. During this process, there will be a screening of your business and you as the owner. If you have any partners or investors, they may also be screened. During the process, both your personal and professional credit will be run.

Having certain documents ready before beginning the application process may help to speed the whole thing along. These documents will usually include:

Your business license
Employer Identification Number (EIN)
A specific timeframe of financial statements.

Though these are the most common documents needed during the process, there is no gaurantee that other documents will not be requested.

Is Instant Approval For Payment Processing Available?

Instant Merchant Account Approval

The short answer is yes.

Instant approval for processing payments is available, but it is not recommended. The processing company should screen your application thoroughly before approving you, as this is the best way to ensure that it is the best fit for everyone involved. Between the initial review and the more in-depth review.

Why eMerchant Authority Is right For Your Merchant Account

EMerchant Authority has many accounts, one of which is sure to fit your needs.

An easy online application process that provides quotes from multiple leading banks providing many different merchant services.

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Benefits of Choosing The Right Merchant Account

Online business is vital for surviving in today’s world. Without the right merchant account, your business assets could be mishandled.

The right merchant account gives you security in accepting online payments and allows you to do it easily.

Ensure you have the proper functions in your merchant account to perform your essential business needs and keep up with your sales.


Trust The Experts of The Industry

Setting up your merchant account right from the start will save you endless time and issues down the road. The other important aspect to remember is that if you have the right account from the start, your money will be safe. If you choose just any merchant account without researching and going with a trusted one, you may have to deal with hidden fees and the possibility of a frozen account.

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